Phobias are Fight and Flight Responses learnt behaviour responses to something that happened in the past – ‘protecting’ you in the present or future.

A lot of people think that having a limiting belief like a phobia is untreatable. And a phobia is a limiting belief (imagine life without it – suddenly limits have been removes and there might feel like there is a momentum)

So why let it stop you? Thinking commonly -that it will ‘go away eventually’, or that it is something to suffer for the rest of their life and you have ‘to live with it’ is not the case at all. Phobias can be fully treated and the mind can understand new better and healthier ways to perceive something all the time – it’s what we do naturally so allowing a therapist to help guide you to this new learning and understanding and experiencing new therapies like Havening will help rid you of it for good.

There are other ways out of the problem. Drug-free, safe, quicker and easier solutions. Havening and Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy – can help hugely with fears and phobic responses, trauma and more! TFT and tapping therapies that I use , work on the meridians to also help elevate emotional energetic load in the meridians and the NLP and hypnosis techniques work on the psychological processing.


NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, sounds pretty scary, is the application of techniques to achieve consistent success. The study of the mind, how it works, how you filter information and use that information to create your world around you and how that world that you’ve created can sometimes limit you. Call it a map if you like. If that ‘map’ that you’ve drawn through all your experiences means that your brain takes the low road every time it’s faced with a high floor, a lift, a plane or long car journey, a social situation, a sexual situation..the list is a long one, then we can use NLP to help change your map, scrub out that low road that wasn’t serving you, give it a better route, a less anxiety inducing route and hey presto! You will see results pretty quickly.


Neurons in the brainThe brain is a curious and wonderful thing. It positively actions what your thinking mind tells it to – Don’t Think of A BLUE TREE ( Because the action was thinking of a blue tree, it dent hear the word ‘don’t’ – so when you tell yourself – don’t be afraid, or don’t think about being scared, you are actually reminding the unconscious to think those negative thought processes. Think about what you want INSTEAD.

Your mind is the control centre of the body (and the heart but that’s another blog). When used positively, I believe the mind can have a profoundly positive effect on every cell in the body. The cells are there waiting for energetic instruction from the control centre. If you keep telling it that ‘today’s going to be a bad day’, ‘I don’t like myself’, ‘my body is awful, not how it used to be’, ‘I’m not clever’……..then you are going to perpetually believe it and the effect of those thoughts are going to be listened to by your cells. Rememner the saying – ‘be careful what you tell yourself, you might believe it!’

Thinking negatively affects the whole you. It doesn’t just make you feel blue, it can actually change you physically and physiologically. Also believing what other people tell you and taking that thought on board has the same effect, so be careful who you surround yourself with! Physiologically your body will change it’s demeanor, your skeleton will not be as erect and the chest will concave usually, the lungs be arched, the shoulders tight….The physiological state you are in when you are thinking that way psychologically is also likely to ‘FEEL’ a certain way emotionally too.

Brain's limbic systemEmotions carry their own energetic charge. Nerves and anxieties feel physical. Thought Field Therapy is amazingly effective at neutralising and eliminating this negative emotional energy from your body and surrounding energy. That’s why it’s called ‘thought field’ because of the state you are in when you think a certain way – it creates a state containing an energy. As TFT therapists, we use this to move that energy (like acupuncture) gently from the body. This is also known as emotional freedom technique.

Because what you think affects how you feel…and how you feel can equally affect how you think, you now have no excuse. If you find it difficult to change state, a TFT therapist or NLP therapist can dramatically help you change for the better.

Tell yourself right now and believe it, tell every cell in your body  – ‘I feel happy, yes Im even beginning to smile, I can feel a lifting sensation in my face, and my body, yes smiling is good, I feel fantastic. Yes I actually feel fantastic right now and I want to thank every little cell in my body for working so hard to keep me alive and happy!’…if you did that just then, didn’t it feel good?..if only for a moment, and every cell in your body had a little holiday.

Diane Beck MBTFTA, TFT – Master Practitioner, Manchester Therapist, NLP Therapist, Hypnotherapist Manchester.

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