Weight Loss Coaching 

From Emotional Eating and Unconscious habits to Health Success!

The one and only serious approach to long term success. All goals including a Weightloss Goal begins in the mind and is then sustained by how you think and act! 

How we ‘think and act’ is often a result of unconscious patterns and cycles that I can show you how to change.

 With my NLP Hypnosis Coaching Plan can really help you once and for all.

Make positive changes to the way you perceive yourself and perceive foods. 

Reduce stress and break the cycle of bad habits where they reside – in your mind. 

Say goodbye to fad dieting and poor yoyo results. Say goodbye to emotional eating and trigger foods. Say ‘Hello’ to the new, happier, authentic & lighter ‘You’. 

Plus** I can combine Hypnosis with  food intolerance blood testing & top nutritionist advice. Together we can conquer!

Diane Beck NLP Coach & Hypnotist
Diane Beck NLP Coach & Hypnotist
Diane Beck is an NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Trainer and Speaker. Founder of Health-Success Diane offers this unique Weightloss Program for long term results in London and Central Manchester. Diane is also an approved supplier of Lorisian Laboratory ‘Food Intolerance’ blood test.

I have devised a 12hr+ Hypnosis and Coaching plan of action for your Long Term Weight loss.

This is about long term achievement of weight goals. Shed unwanted fat and live a healthier lifestyle. For your long term success, my 12hr+ plan, has been tested on my clients until I found a formula* that has consistency and a high success rate for long term success.

Going deeper

Your plan is personalised to you. It is 100% designed to make changes for you long term into the future by helping you eliminate unwanted negative emotions and triggers from the unconscious mind. We discuss your diet and foods. We use Hypnosis and NLP to help remove unconscious triggers and cravings. We can use the same techniques to increase desire for healthier foods and actions.

Available in Central Manchester and Central London, the 12hr plan consists of

Health-Success Weight Loss Breakthrough

  • NLP and Hypnosis Breakthrough Day, 8-10hrs
    • To help remove negative emotions and trigger foods/drinks and build self-love and self esteem at a deeper level!
  • You will receive private Hypnosis Downloads 
  • I will teach you Rapid Acting therapy self help techniques to use in real time to help to curb cravings and build resistance to problem foods and eventually de-link the desire for them. These techniques are for you to use in your every day life when I’m not there! They will also help balance your emotions. 
  • You will then receive 2 x 1hrs of coaching including future coaching plan towards your goal.

Do you want to loose weight naturally?

Would you like to learn how to control your diet more effectively?

Would you also like to learn more about your own personal relationship to food?

Lets Start making changes about how you feel about yourself, your body and your food. Feel better today!

Our strategies and emotions are stored by the subconscious mind and it’s no secret that eating and emotions can often be linked.

Why You Crave Foods!  One culprit could be life events and emotions, insomnia or sleep depravation. Neurotransmitters also known as Opioid Peptides (endorphins) are created by your pituitary glands and central nervous system. Opiate drugs utilise the same pathways and foods can trigger the same response. In fact studies have suggested that when feeling low, stressed and affected by an emotional event there is an alteration in the opioid peptide activity and this can lead to food cravings.

“weighed myself on Monday and I’ve lost SEVEN POUNDS! I’ve never lost that much in my life.”

Lets target the root cause of why you approach food the way that you are  currently. We can begin to make positive changes and achieve potential when underlying reasons ‘why’ are learnt from and changed!

Weight Loss and Hypnosis. Hypnosis works with your subconscious mind. You store emotions and strategies and your self beliefs in the subconscious so it makes sense that that is where the changes occur and in my experience using techniques that make deep positive changes in your subconscious mind will offer you the best chance of a successful outcome. We will work on you specifically. You are unique and your emotions and reasons for why you eat and approach foods are unique to you. Your personal responses to foods and lifestyle, stressors and emotional load are important for us to discuss together and understand how you feel about your body. How you feel about your body is often a considerable factor and why you think the way you do about yourself. There can be a number of factors associated with the way to treat your body by feeding it with nutritious food or not, whether you exercise it or love it and ultimately, when these have been addressed and strategies have been subconsciously accepted you may be able to move forward with a healthier outlook.

You can truly have more control in both your eating habits and your emotions! We can swap bad habits for healthy ones and this can require a targeted approach.

Read here how lack of sleep can also affect your weight!

Recent reviews of my weight loss therapy:

“”I have lost 5lbs this week without thinking… I am in a state of bliss”

“It’s been a month since I saw Diane, and I almost don’t recognise myself, but in a very good way. I had all sorts of problems that needed to change (being overweight, lazy, negative, sad, paranoid to name just a few).”

“weighed myself on Monday and I’ve lost SEVEN POUNDS! I’ve never lost that much in my life.”

“To be honest, if any one of these things could have changed I would have been delighted. But what has actually happened is just incredible and so unexpected.”

“The best way to describe this is if I imagine the person I am when I’m on holiday, when there’s nothing to worry about, no rush, just new ideas and experiences to have and enjoy. Well this is how I feel most of the time these days, and it is incredible.
Things still go wrong sometimes, that’s life, but my capacity to deal with problems and bad news is now unrecognisable from how I was before seeing Diane. Friends have noticed, family have noticed, and everyone seems to want to spend time with me all of a sudden.”
“I’m losing weight too, and hardly even trying. It’s a difficult thing to describe, but basically I’m making subtly different choices now, and am still feeling full after meals, so I never go without.”
“I have tried quite a few different therapies in the past, but they have always worn off after a couple of weeks. This feels different though, this is about making permanent changes.”
“If you’re thinking about seeing Diane, I hope this review has made it more likely. She helped me so much, and I used to be very stubborn and was convinced nothing could help me change.
So if Diane can help me, she can help anyone.” Peter, London. Independent review found on Google+ March 2016
“Thanks you for helping me with my weight-loss. I’ve noticed a real difference in everything you said I would and my eating choices are much improved. I also still haven’t wanted Chocolate since the first session and it’s been wonderful” Ogbeide, Manchester. Google Review left independently.
“weighed myself on Monday and I’ve lost SEVEN POUNDS! I’ve never lost that much in my life.”

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