Treatments at Health Success:-
I provide detailed and bespoke treatments for all of my clients and it could be that your current situation is a combination of some of these or one. These are examples of more commonly requested issues for therapy at Health-Success using the therapeutic techniques I offer.
Also please see Commonly Asked Questions for more information about terms and therapies.

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Havening Techniques is also now available at Health-Success. Havening is a described as a psychosensory therapy and it works beautifully with other modalities to quickly elevate stress and negative emotions and promote positive changes.
This is also available and effective as a Skype or Face Time internet therapy treatment. Please enquire further or read my Havening Page if this is something that interests you.I’m highly skilled and experienced and offer all of that to you, using NLPHypnosisTFT, EFT, Havening, Reflective Repatterning and a combination of some or all these techniques depending on what the outcome is that you desire and where you are right now!