Clearing Toxins to help weight management and obtain better health.

It’s very interesting how, when using VT techniques to ascertain energy toxins in foods, you can identify them, eliminate them from your diet and watch as weightloss is easier. Begin the body detox using the simple cranial squeezes I teach you working on your personal toxins and then along with hypnosis, NLP and tapping TFT techniques we work on your emotional response to food.

Destress with NLP Hypnosis London and Manchester with Health-SuccessOur muscle testing can be honed over time to help you achieve trusted accurate rests for yourself. Along with other approaches, you can support your succrent weight management plan, choosing for yourself foods that your unconscious in the testing, informs the conscious mind that it is a healthy choice. The unconscious and conscious are both working to keep you healthy and safe and to keep you a cell making machine! If your current food choices are acknowledged to be unhealthy even though you still make them – like eating lots of sweet things, then you are sabotaging yourself and it would be interesting to understand through brief therapeutic work, why that might be. With this new knowledge together we can re-educate the unconscious decision making mind that it can create for you new, profound, understandings and learnings from which it can make healthier choices. Choices rather than compulsions!


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By Diane Beck