Diane Beck- Therapist using modern techniques for compulsive behaviour patterns and diagnosed OCD.

If you are affected by this, please read my OCD page and contact me for more information. I treat clients in Manchester and London and although this condition is often seen as difficult to treat, I have found success with my clients Modern techniques can free you of complusions.

We you born with it? NO

Did you learn how to behave this way? Yes

Then you can unlearn!

There are reasons the behaviour is favoured by the unconscious and you have reasons for doing the compulsion that part of you might agree with or understand and part of you, the part that also is reading this seeking help with the situation, that part understands you can learn a better way that will suit your life and your goals in a more suitable way. Together we can work on eradicating the old behaviour and replacing it with the understanding that you can change, just as you haven’t always had the compulsion, you can create for yourself new, better ways.

We will likely discuss when the pattern arises, how you feel and your thoughts about it and other questions that will help me to help you.

There are wonderful, modern techniques that can relieve the compulsions that I will wish to share with you and you can take back the control!
Contact me on: diane@health-success.co.uk 



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By Diane Beck