Want to QUICKLY effectively eliminate stress or negative emotions? Meridian Techniques –

There are new applications that are quick, simple and can take minutes to work (or if you want to go longer take some time out and have a true clearing out)
So – as an example (and this can be applied to a pain, an ache, and state, an emotion, a fear)

A gentle TFT – meridian therapy technique you can try

1. Focus on what you want to treat and what you want to treat first comes to your mind now. An uncomfortable feeling, emotion, pain – whatever it might me. Focus on it.

So you know what it is. Good. Lets collect information a mind and body program.

2. How is it affecting you? On a scale of 1-10 (at it’s most uncomfortable its 10) what number would you apply to this?

– What does it do to your thoughts are they quicker or slower than usual as you focus on it right now notice what you notice.
– Are your thoughts heavy or are they light?
– As you focus on it, how does it affect your breathing?
– Is your breathing full or shallow?
– Is it held? Quick or Slow?
– Notice any tensions?
– Pay attention to the tensions and notice if there are tensions that you are noticing right now and you focus on the issue, where do you feel tension?
– Using the faculty of your imagination – go inside to meet the focussed issue – if your were to notice where it is in your body and you could place your hand over where it resides, where would you move your hand over the area? Where is it for you right now?
– Interestingly, does it have a colour? if so what colour and light or dark? Opaque or transparent – or something else?
– What shape is it or might it present to you now as you notice it? Is it flat or does it contain something and can you look at it from all dimensions and notice the size of it so if you look at it now you know where it begins and where it meets the space beyond it. What else do you notice that is useful information for you?
– Is it heavy or is it light?
– Is it moving or is it still? If moving – how is it moving?
– Any sound noticeable and is there a message for you or something you can hear that is useful information for you to know that right now?
– Anything else you notice ? Any other idiosyncrasies that are important?

Great. You now have what you need to start working. You know where you notice it and from where you collected your information and think about where that is now.

Imagine you are a passive observer noticing what you notice and without trying to change anything – you can allow it to change as it needs to and wants to as you follow these next steps. Passively observing and notice what you notice….

Palms together. with your palms together, move one hand and I want you to start to tap with your fingers on the side of your other hand – (between the base of the little finger and the top of the wrist) – so you are tapping the Karate chop points of one of your hands! Keep doing that whilst focussing on the issue and the program you have collected. Keep tapping aim for minimum 30 taps on all of the tapping points to follow.

Move all of the tapping fingers to now tap the final third section of the index finger of the same hand you tapped the karate chop points. So you are now tapping the side on nail bed and the last third of the side of the index pointing finger. Keep tapping. Again staying focussed.

With your tapping fingers tap under your nose. Keep tapping.

Now tap under your bottom lip on the crease of your chin with your tapping fingers.

Now with the other hand – tap the final third of your opposite index – pointing finger. Side up, so your are again tapping the side of the nail bed with tapping fingers of the opposite hand – keep tapping again aim for minimum 30 taps.

And finish with tapping the Karate chop points of that opposite hand between the little finger base and the top of the wrist tapping that section with the tapping fingers of the other hand.

This has moved from one hand up to your nose then down the other side on the other hand. Its called the Psychological Reversal Triangle!


Refocussing on what you are treating all the time.

Now I want you to make a very lose fist shape with one of your hands and look at the back of that hand above it. Using a couple of fingers, locate the little finger knuckle and tap in the indent between that knuckle and the next knuckle along about an inch back. That’s called the Gamut spot. Tap there whist focussing on what you are treating.

Keep tapping there lightly – intension is to stimulate that pressure point and as you keep tapping lightly you might want to close your eyes for a few minutes focussing on that you are treating whilst you tap… before we continue and just passively observe noticing any changes.

Then I would like you to take another 1-10 reading. With any residual number, I want you to notice what that number contains – where is it now – has the shape or colour changes or something else? Whatever you notice is right!

I want you to cross over your arms and brush from your shoulders to your elbows whilst focussing on the residual number and the feeling. Keep brushing form shoulder to elbow repeatedly for a few minutes with your eyes closed.

With you eyes open stop brushing and look straight ahead. Keep your head still and just moving your eyes only- horizontally look far left to the periphery of your vision, then eyes to the right to he periphery of your vision, then keep moving left to right a few times then in a circle then the opposite direction. Blink a few times.

Good – take another reading from 1-10. If it hasn’t improved completely then repeat from the beginning. Contact me if you want guidance on this or if you have any questions.

NLP Hypnosis is the combination with TFT that I find the most effective.

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