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“All is going brilliantly with me, nothing short of a complete transformation to be honest.
Thanks so much for your amazing hard work!

I’m starting/continuing to work hard on my life and goals, very early days still of course.
My sense of inner peace is awesome and what I have learned about the unconscious mind is stunning and incredibly profound.” Recent Client, ‘Musician’, July 2017

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“The immediate changes I felt after seeing Diane 3 weeks ago were remarkable and those effects have continued, providing me with peace of mind, clarity of mind and an overall sense of well being and focus that I haven’t felt before. Diane used the word ‘elegant’ to describe the therapies she uses and their subsequent effects, and that’s a perfect description. I do feel like a weighty cloud has been lifted after being plagued with anxiety over my health following a period where I had cancer. Although I’m recovered, my anxiety and worrying about it returning was stopping me from moving on with my life. Working with Diane has alleviated that, as well as removing negative, self limiting beliefs about myself- and for that I am enormously grateful and cannot praise Diane highly enough. Thank you.” Suey, in Manchester. June 2016. Google Review.

“It’s been a month since I saw Diane, and I almost don’t recognise myself, but in a very good way. I had all sorts of problems that needed to change (being overweight, lazy, negative, sad, paranoid to name just a few). To be honest, if any one of these things could have changed I would have been delighted. But what has actually happened is just incredible and so unexpected. The best way to describe this is if I imagine the person I am when I’m on holiday, when there’s nothing to worry about, no rush, just new ideas and experiences to have and enjoy. Well this is how I feel most of the time these days, and it is incredible. Things still go wrong sometimes, that’s life, but my capacity to deal with problems and bad news is now unrecognisable from how I was before seeing Diane. Friends have noticed, family have noticed, and everyone seems to want to spend time with me all of a sudden. I’m losing weight too, and hardly even trying. It’s a difficult thing to describe, but basically I’m making subtly different choices now, and am still feeling full after meals, so I never go without. I have tried quite a few different therapies in the past, but they have always worn off after a couple of weeks. This feels different though, this is about making permanent changes. If you’re thinking about seeing Diane, I hope this review has made it more likely. She helped me so much, and I used to be very stubborn and was convinced nothing could help me change. So if Diane can help me, she can help anyone.” Peter, In London April 2016. Google Review.

“Diane Beck is an amazing therapist. I was sceptical that my problems could be dealt with so quickly. I’ve tried many therapists over several years, and all have been little better than useless. Diane’s techniques are truly revolutionary. And they take effect almost immediately. I would recommend her to anyone who struggles with problems they believe or have been told will take years to resolve. Of course, therapy can only be as good as the therapist, and Diane is an inspirational one. She passionately believes in her work and executes it brilliantly. She has genuinely changed my life.” – Stephen. London 2014 (from Google+ Independent review)

“As a young woman who has battled with low self-esteem and self-belief for many years, I was beginning to accept that these were traits of mine that I would have to live with forever. But working with Diane has completely changed that belief system and given me a whole new outlook on life. Even though in the past I have received treatment on the NHS (CBT – which didn’t work for me), I was very apprehensive about seeking the help of a professional therapist because it made me question myself – ‘am I really that bad that I need a therapist?’ ‘does this mean I’m mentally weak?’. But I needn’t have worried because Diane is wonderful and quickly put me and my irrational thoughts at ease. Aside from our initial meeting all of our sessions have been conducted via Skype. It does occasionally throw up technical issues but it’s never ruined a session and it’s a method that works well for me because it allows a huge degree of flexibility. We’ve worked with a number of different therapies including; RR, Hypnosis, TFT and Havening and I have felt significant benefits from them all. I’m now 100% a true believer that we all need help with our mental health from time to time, just like we do with our physical health. I will continue to work with Diane and (to anyone reading this) you won’t be disappointed if you decide to do the same!” – Rebecca Sanders Manchester and Skype 2014. (Review from Google+ Independent Review Source.)

Hi Diane, thank you again for helping me to stop smoking. I’m doing great and looking to do the Blackpool half marathon this year and the London marathon next year.Thanks David” Manchester, 2013 Smoking Cessation Session.

Hello Diane, I can honestly say your treatment has altered my life, after 25 years of trying various techniques to overcome the battle going on within myself, to diet or not to diet, I no longer even think about it I can just eat sensibly and am enjoying my food without recrimination. Many thanks”
Elaine M, (Greater Manchester)

“I can never thank Diane enough for the help she gave me, I was having some serious anxiety problems that were making my life miserable, but Diane changed my outlook on life completely, she made me believe in myself again, and made me a much more confident and happier person.
I must admit that when we first started I was more than a little dubious about some of her techniques but Diane’s friendly style was soon able to put me completely at ease and convince me otherwise.
Diane is a very determined, but warm and compassionate person, and an amazing therapist who I would recommend to anybody. Thank you Diane” 2012. Yelp Review. Independent review.

“I had been trying to give up smoking for years. I tried everything,patches,gum,e- cigarettes I’d given up hope. Then a friend recommended Diane.After just two sessions, I stopped smoking. I couldn’t believe it. Diane is a warm,charismatic and highly talented therapist. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” – Gile Simmons, London. (Review from Google+ Independent Reviews)

“Well, it’s Sunday morning. After our call yesterday I have been pretty flabbergasted! I decided to stay in and enjoy the sense of release that I felt and still feel. I am finding it hard to believe that it’s that simple and part of me thinks that the negative stuff will come back but realise that is just part of the apex problem! It’s so weird and I feel surreal. Can it really amount to 2 hours on the phone?I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your persistence in continuing to finish the session so that I could get this release. That was beyond kindness on a Saturday evening. Thank you. I am really looking forward to the third session. I am sure that I would like to dip in and out of this therapy for the rest of my life! I have already suggested that my friend use you for her fear of presenting at work.”
Mary Wadsworth, London (via Skype)

“Before I spoke to Diane I was suffering from anxiety and depression, by using TFT over the phone, she was able to relieve my anxieties and change my outlook for good, I am now able to enjoy life again, she has a very professional yet warm and caring personality, and I am extremely grateful to her.”
Mr M. (Manchester)

I am very pleased with the benefits I have received from TFT Voice Technology. Before I started TFT I was extremely anxious, low in self-esteem and I had great difficulty getting up in a morning. I could only walk a short distance without having to sit down. I very rarely went out and couldn’t even walk to the end of my daughter’s garden without panicking. I also had troubling memories of the past. I now feel free and more confident. I can go to my daughter’s and walk around much better. I do a TFT exercise before I get up and am much improved in the morning. I can think about the past without fear and anxiety. My health has improved amazingly. My vision is sharper. My blood pressure and pulse rate have gone down and my blood sugar level has gone down (all were high). I had a very low blood count and was on intravenous iron. My blood count has gone up significantly and I no longer need intravenous iron. I have not changed any other features of my life such as diet, medication, exercise etc. The only new factor is the TFT. I found Diane a very good person to work with. She is professional and good at getting to the root of any problem. Her instructions are easy to follow and she is very pleasant to work with.”Ann L Oldroyd, (Warrington over Skype)

I would like to write a few words to express how thankful I am for the relief from the back pain and earache I was suffering. The pain was sufficient over a period of time to make you irritable and feeling low. Like so many people with these kinds of problems, I was convinced it was something I was going to have to live with. I was fortunate in making contact with you, I explained the symptoms and from the moment the therapy began there was an immediate improvement and I felt better. It been 16 months now since the therapy and I’m pleased to say both the back pain and earache have not returned, I’m so lucky, I feel so much better and appreciate being pain free. Thank you Diane, for two very successful consultations.”
‘JMC’ (Manchester)