Terms and Conditions

Diane Beck is the founding therapist of Health-Success and is insured as a therapist for all the therapies and coaching that she offers. Diane is a member of the CNHC and MNCH hypnotherapy registered bodies for which CPD continued study is required. Diane is a certified NLP Practitioner and a Certified NLP Coach through the Performance Partnership, London. Diane is a certified Havening Techniques ® Practitioner which means Diane is fully trained and also passed the Ethics examination and the Science examination necessary to obtain the certification. (Please note that not all therapists saying they provide Havening are in fact fully certified they may have trained in Havening and not passed the required examinations, it is advised to enquire and check with your practitioner and if necessary ask to see the Practitioner certification!)

Diane Beck is the only representative of the Health-Success brand and company. The other therapists advertised on this website are in no way related to or representative of Diane Beck or Health-Success’s opinions or of the business in any way. All therapists working at the Health-Success Manchester or London suite as advertised on this website do so to advertise their presence at the clinic venue and are responsible for their own insurances, professionalism, accreditations and CPD and are in no way associated with or the responsibility of Heath-Success the company, the Brand or its Directors or Diane Beck and they must be contacted directly for their own terms and conditions and professionalism.  The company Health-Success and Diane Beck are in no way associated with, nor accept liability in relation to the opinions, professional work or actions of the additional therapists advertised on this website.

As the business owner and founder of Health-Success Diane Beck is the only therapist for which the following terms and conditions apply.

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Basic terms and conditions:

All Appointments must be paid for 48hrs in advance. Failure to do so will result in you losing the session.

You are required to provide the New Client Questionnaire responses no later than 48hrs prior to the booked session. Failure to do so will result in you losing the agreed session.

The Therapist abides by a code of confidentiality between therapist and client

All information contained are the copyright of Diane Beck. All information contained on this website is the intellectual property of Diane Beck and the directors of the company. You must not copy, reproduce or tamper with any of the information or recordings or images on this website without prior written consent from Diane Beck at Health-Success.

For more detailed Ts&Cs please see below:

 Client Terms and Conditions

A. Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by and to be interpreted in accordance with English law. In the event of any dispute arising in relation to these ‘terms and conditions’ or any dispute arising in relation to the Health-Success website whether in contract or tort or otherwise the English courts will have non-exclusive jurisdiction over such dispute.

B. Definitions

The ‘Therapist’ or the ‘Coach’: Diane Beck NLP Hypnotherapist and Coach

The ‘Client’: You

‘Therapy’ is the time spent with the Therapist who will apply their chosen method of therapy application and modality.

The ‘Session’ is the booked time slot and arranged time working with the ‘Therapist’.

‘Modality’ is a model of study for therapeutic application. The area of therapeutic study and application. Havening is an example of a modality, as is TFT and they may be combined or used separately and required specific study in and of themselves.

The ‘Problem’ is what the client wants to work on with the Therapist.

Goal: The ‘goal’ is the desired achievement for the client that the

The ‘Desired Outcome’ is the desired result of the work the therapist and the client work towards achieving.

‘Health-Success’ is the trading name of DB Creative Development Ltd

The ‘Company’ is Health-Success and DB Creative Development Ltd.

C. Formation of agreement

The Therapist will only work on one Problem per session unless agreed in writing prior to the session. For example a client may not enter a session changing the agreed problem or adding more to be worked on with the therapist in addition to what was agreed. “Can we also work on ‘x’ ‘y’ or ‘z'” will not be accepted and the client should only expect to focus on the initial problem.

After accepting an appointment with Health-Success Therapist or assistant by either telephone or email, you the client in accepting the appointment accepts the following conditions for the appointment. Booking can only be made on the phone calling either Manchester 0161 949 8181 or London 0207 118 3738 or  a session can be arranged via an email from the domain name health-success.co.uk and you must have received a confirmation email in the form of an invoice or agreement in writing form [email protected] or [name]@health-success.co.uk.

The therapist requires the client to be truthful and work in the best interests of the agreement between the therapist and the client. The client agrees to provide the therapist will all pre-session written work the therapist will request and in the manner and format the therapist requires it. The client agrees to complete all the required tasking as issued by the therapist within the timeframe it was requested. The client also agrees to provide all written pre session work to reach the Therapist my email no later than 48hrs prior to the booked session. No handwritten posted notes can be accepted as it is not always possible to collect in person prior to a session and the therapist asks the client to observe this request and make the therapist aware fully of any complications to the provision of the required written work.  If the pre-session work is incomplete or the client ignores this request the Therapist reserves the right to cancel the session without refund. This written work  will always include a pre-session questionnaire which must reach the therapist by email or agreed method in writing at least 48hrs prior to the booked session. Other pre session work may be asked to be in the form of a diary of a habit, note taking around the problem or carrying out a physical task related to the clients problem.

Lateness: You are paying for the time with the therapist and you agree that arriving for the session and to the session venue for your own session is fully your responsibility. The session will be terminated if the client arrives over 30 minutes late to an appointment and no refund will be given in any circumstances even if the client wishes to cancel the session due to emergency or unforeseen circumstances out of their immediate control as the strict 48hr cancellation policy will still apply. If the client arrives late the client will not receive extension of the agreed time nor will they be offered or entitled to a rearranged session and all terms and conditions relating to conduct, session termination and working relationship will apply.

The therapist is not required under any circumstances to go beyond the arranged session finishing time and will terminate the session at the end of the arranged time. The Therapist is not required to continue over the arranged time slot if the clients hasn’t reached their desired outcome. It is not the responsibility of the Therapist to achieve the desired outcome for the client, the client takes full responsibility for achieving this and works with the help of the therapist. The therapist takes no responsibility for achieving the desired outcome for the client, in fact this is impossible and the client must be aware of their full responsibility for achieving their own goals and outcomes.

Health-Success therapist Diane Beck will use reasonable care and skill in providing the service that you choose. Every client is different and so every therapy session is different and there are no guarantees of successful results. It would be unethical to provide a guarantee for a client’s treatment of therapy or coaching, there is no medication, operation or procedure that has a 100% success rate across the board. In the small percentage of people that the therapy is unsuccessful for we do not offer a refund or part refund. Diane Beck does not accept any liability in relation to the therapy and modalities used in session and on this website. Diane Beck does not accept any liability in relation to any of the recordings or correspondence and it is up to the discretion of the user to determine if they are appropriate.

D. Pricing and Payment

In Manchester all regular sessions are priced at £170 per 2hrs session slot for Therapy or Coaching

Smoking Cessation which is priced at £450 flat rate.

Break-Through Full day sessions £1150 for my Manchester office location, £1500 for my London office locations. Other Locations: If you do require another venue the price is on agreement in addition to the aforementioned fees.

In London all regular sessions are priced at £240 per 2hr session slot of Therapy or Coaching.

Skype Sessions are priced at £165 per 2hrs


For Breakthrough Days, a 25% Non-refundable Deposit must be made on booking to secure this blocked out amount of time from the clinic diary, then the remainder of the amount is to be paid a full 48hrs prior to the session with the therapist [email protected] Final payment of 75% of Fees must be paid 48hours in advance of the arranged session time. If a client doesn’t pay the initial deposit within that time, the session will be cancelled. That session slot will then be made immediately available to other clients and may be directly offered to another client on the waiting list.

For regular sessions (outside the Break-Through day bookings) that include the 2hr and 4hr slots, the payment must be made 48hrs prior to the time of the appointment, that if cancelled over 48hrs in advance a full refund will be given. If cancelled within 24hrs, a 50% refund will be given. Within 24hrs cancellation no refund will be given.

2. Refund and Cancellation Policies

Regular Sessions: Anything other than a Break-through day is treated as a regular session regardless of the timeframe and can be up to 4hrs. Agreed ‘Booked Sessions’ in writing by me or my secretary the from Health-Success.co.uk email, must be paid for in full before any time spent with the Therapist can commence. Health-Success Therapist Diane Beck asks requires 48hrs cancellation and rearranging a session to obtain a full refund. In regular session bookings, for you to receive a refund of all monies paid, you must cancel in advance of 48hrs. To avoid any doubt or confusion, 48hrs is exactly 48hrs prior to your specific booked time slot, so a 4pm booking on the Thursday must be cancelled by 3.59pm on the Tuesday of the same week. If you cancel over 24hrs and under 48hrs in advance of your booking you will lose 50% of the fee and 50% will be refunded to you. If you fail to make the payment 48hrs prior to the session, that session is immediately made available to other clients wishing to book including those on a waitlist for the soonest available appointment and so you are at risk of losing your booking. In such cases where you fail to pay 48hrs in advance it is your responsibility to confirm that the slot is still available with us before commencing to pay if you fail to follow the 48hr requirements or you could risk losing in accordance with the cancellation policy.

Non-Payment: If we do not receive payment we will choose to assume you do not wish to commit to the appointment and will cancel and/or give the appointment to another client. You will be required to rebook.

Cancelling or Moving a Break-through day over 48hrs in Advance: The 48hr cancellation policy in relation to Break-through full days will be full refund only when cancelled over 48hrs of the time of your booking minus the initial deposit. All monies paid  from the initial deposit in all cases is non-refunable regardless of how far in advance you create the booking and cancel the booking. Cancelling or moving an appointment within 48hrs is explained below.

Cancelling a breakthrough day up to 48hrs in advance and over 24hrs: If you cancel a Breakthrough day over 48hrs prior to your appointment you lose the initial deposit only and are refunded any moneies in addition you may have paid. If you only paid the deposit no refund of any further money will be made. In all cases any cancellation or moving of a Breakthrough days results in the loss of the initial deposit. If cancelling within a 48hr period but over 24hrs to your appointment will result in you forfeiting the 25% deposit plus monies ‘amounting to’ 50% of the total fee amount and so 50% of the money paid will be refunded to you. If moving an appointment within 24hrs of the booked appointment you will lose all monies paid and will be required to rebook.

Cancelling or ‘Moving’ a Breakthrough Day Within 24hrs cancellation: NO Refund will be given in any circumstance.

Rearranging of an appointment is treated as a cancellation and deposits will be lost though over 48hrs money paid can be transferred to future days minus the deposit which will be required again. If moving an appointment under 48hrs but over 24hrs in advance of your booked appointment it will be treated as a cancellation and 50% will be lost and a new deposit will be required again on a new day booking.


3. Refund

1.The client is eligible for a refund if the client cancels or rearranges prior to exactly 48hrs prior to the arranged session. To avoid any doubt 48hrs is exactly 48hrs so in this example if a session is booked for Wednesday at 5pm the 48hrs prior to this session would be 5pm on the preceding Monday. The client will not receive a refund of any monies for any session cancelled within 48hrs prior to a session. In all cases the client will effectively have paid for the session slot. If written cancellation is received within the 48hrs prior to the booked session the client has no claim to this session time and the therapist then reserves the right to offer that time slot to other clients and may book that time slot with another client. The client may not re-book that time slot once written cancellation has been received. At the discretion of the Therapist you may be offered another session in either Manchester or London if a suitable slot is agreed between the therapist and the client and is also available within the following 7 days form the cancelled session. If no suitable and agreed session is available you will not receive a rearranged session and you will not be eligible for a refund.

2.The Therapist reserves the right to terminate the session earlier than arranged. If the therapist and the client agree the problem has reached a satisfactory resolution of the problem that the client booked the session for then the client will not receive a refund of any monies for the remaining time and the session will be finished early. You will be made aware of a realistic time frame based on previous appointments with other clients and the Therapist will arrange the appropriate time slot from the estimation according to previous experience.  You will not be made to expect that the problem will require more time than the Therapist deems necessary from previous experience with other clients. Sometimes a client requires more time or less time than expected and this in most cases can only become known in a session when working with the client and Therapist. If you are in any doubt or have any questions relating the the agreed time slot you must raise the appropriate questions with the Therapist prior to booking the arranged session. You are not entitled to any refund or any monies for any remaining time if a session finishes earlier than booked and arranged in any circumstances including those that are out of the control of the therapist or the client. Whether the session is ended earlier or extended, the consultation fee remains the same.

3.I reserve the right to terminate a session without refund if I consider you a personal risk to myself or anyone in the clinic, office or environment. The appropriate services will also be alerted in all cases of violence or personal threats. Vandalism, personal threats, verbal abuse or physical abuse is not tolerated and the session will be cancelled with immediate effect without refund of any monies for any time with the Therapist or remaining time of the booked session. The therapist receives the right to protect the interests of the business and their personal safety and will terminate the session with the client if the business is compromised by the client in any way without refund to the client.

4.The therapist reserves the right to terminate the session if the Therapy is not considered in the best interests of the client and the Therapist reserves the right to not to disclose the reason why and in these circumstances no refund will be given.

5.The length of the appointment is at the discretion of the therapist. Although scheduled for a specific length of time, if the Therapist considers it is appropriate to end the session the Therapist reserves the right to do so. The Therapist can terminate the session if they consider that it is not in your best interests to continue with the session and the therapist is not required to say the reason why.

5.Accepted methods of Payment

The Therapist accepts Bank Transfer, PayPal or debit or Credit Card payment accepted by PayPal and this can be taken over the phone at the time of booking or at least 48hrs prior to the appointment.

Cash and cheques are not accepted unless the cheque clears at least 48hrs prior to the session start time and you have made the therapist aware of the payment method prior to the session.

Bank Transfers must clear at least 48hrs prior to the agreed appointment and are only payable to:

Account: 19362099

Sort Code: 60-24-77

Please use your name as a reference.

6.Short Notice emergency sessions

Fees for Sessions arranged within a 24hour period of the session time full fees must be paid and reach our company bank account within an hour of booking. Payment can be taken over the phone. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the session being cancelled and the session will be opened for other clients to book and may be directly offered to a client on the Waiting List.

It is at the therapist’s discretion whether to accept late payment prior to a session. Payments are not accepted during or after a session in any circumstances.

E. Cancellation

Cancellation must be made in writing 48 hours before a session for a refund in full. 48 hours is exactly 48 hours prior to the arranged time – e.g. an appointment arranged for 2pm Thursday must be cancelled by 2pm the Tuesday before. Any cancellations within the 48 hours period will incur session charge of monies paid. Cancellations and rearranging of a session must be made in writing by email to [email protected] or the Health-Success therapist with which you made the booking. A series of sessions invoiced together of a set of hours are 1 session and treated as 1 session. This session may be split over two consecutive days but is treated as one session. If a client fails to attend one of the appointments they will not receive a refund. If a client fails to give 48hrs notice in writing for the appointment times they will not receive a refund of any amount of remaining time nor will they be eligible to rearrange. You may not be offered another session and the Therapist may terminate the working relationship with the client at the discretion of the Therapist. If you wish to reschedule a booking this must be requested by email to the therapist with whom you made the session booking. This must be made 48hours before the start time of the booked session.

Rescheduling before the 48 hour deadline will allow fees to be carried over to the new appointment but under the same terms and conditions for cancelling.

F. Confidentiality and Health & Safety

1.The Therapist agrees to confidentiality between the client and the therapist. I reserve the right not to disclose any session information to any third party even at the request of the client unless I receive a written requirement to do so by law. I reserve the right to inform the police or appropriate  services of your condition and intentions relating any information I consider appropriate to help them with their enquiries and for the interests of the public. This information may include session notes and recordings if I consider you a risk to yourself or to others.

2. You are not permitted to record the session or phone calls unless you have written consent by the Therapist of Health-Success.The Therapist also requires confidentiality of the client and in no circumstances is the client permitted to disclose written, recorded or distributed correspondence of the session, pre-session or post session. The correspondence and all therapy and coaching advice and application is only permitted to be used by the client for which it was issued and intended. All written and verbal communication is in context with the session and must not be used out of context. The relationship between the client and the therapist towards the desired outcome and/or Goal and a hypnosis recordings and all relating correspondence by phone and in writing is strictly only for use of the client and the therapist. The Therapist accepts no responsibility for the effecting use of material recorded or written for any person other than the client for which the material and correspondence was intended.

3.Any material is the intellectual property of Diane Beck and the copyright of Health-Success and the company DB Creative Development Ltd.   The Therapist owns the rights to any recorded material created for the client and requires written permission for any recorded or written materieal to be used. The client is not permotted to copy, reproduce or display publicly or electronically any recording or correspondence between the Therapist and the Client or issued by the Therapist to the client. The client agreed to use the material as directed by the Therapist of Health-Success and Diane Beck and Health-Success accept no liability for the use of our written or recorded material.