For many people picking a success coach is a daunting task so I took the time to guide you through the do’s and be wary of’s that I would give to any friend.  

As a success coach myself I also benefit from coaching. Even the likes of Anthony Robins one of the world’s most renowned and successful coaches to presidents, business leaders and movie stars also has several coaches himself!

‘It isn’t just what achieving goals get for you, it’s who you become in the achieving of them!’ – Tony Robins 

A coach can really be the difference that makes the enormous difference to your life, your family, your relationships, emotional state, health and fitness and your business. What’s more, if you don’t have one and other people do, chances are you are helping other people achieve their goals and not your own!  

“You either want it or you don’t! Look around you. Make your choice now because time doesn’t wait for You!” – Diane Beck

I have my own coaching packages available in Break through 1 Day intensives to 12 week and 26 Week packages. See HERE for more details. I coach many people over Skype and FaceTime as well as in person and often the FaceTime bookings get much better results as they are in their office or about to go into a meeting and really need that push. It can be tailored and totally personalised to YOU!

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Guide to Picking the right Success Coach for you!

  • They are coaching you on success. How successful are they? Check. Do they understand what it takes?
  • They are coaching you on personal development. In what ways are they accountable to their own personal development? (clue – if they are cheap they aren’t paying for continual personal development training in the latest methods. You are losing out right there.
  • Often price is a useful indicator of quality in this industry. Pay cheap pay twice is an often used phrase, however in the mental health and coaching industry, pay cheap and you pay with your time and play with you mental health! What I will say respectfully about this is that in my experience, someone who is considerably cheaper and at the lower end of the spectrum has either no confidence in what they do, doesn’t invest in the kinds of overheads you would expect from a top coach that include a smart and safe location for their client meeting and isn’t investing in the latest development trainings in their field. If they were they would need to cover those basic expenses. So if you are looking for a bargain you’ll pay in ways you might regret. 
  • Besides, surely if you want a success coach you want a successful, well informed one who has confidence?  Conversely, if you follow this guidance, a coach you deserve will feel as though it has paid you back many fold more in all the ways you want and more. That’s how it should be!
  • They have a coaching diploma. Check what that means. Are they trained in real useable modalities like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychology or Hypnosis. Often these programs contain toe dipping days of trainings but don’t amount to much meat. Do your research. Avoid coaches that dangle the carrot of success and never really delivers. That to me is the equivalent of buying a self help book that stays on the shelf, the mere buying it satisfying the initial desire to learn more. That as you know, isn’t good enough. A real and effective coach can be the difference that makes the difference.
  • Ensure your coach knows the right questions to ask you at EXACTY the right moment! A Master Practitioner of NLP from a world class training establishment is a good choice. A good indicator is the initial consultation and any questionnaire an accountability task they may set you before accepting you as a continued client.
  • Ensure your coach is trained in Hypnosis…or atleast understands how goals are actually achieved! (Anyone who thinks goals are consciously achieved will fail to help you achieve your goals and I can explain why in a consultation with you)
  • If you like flyers and diagrams to colour in as coaching homework, (yes, I have come across this)  I am not your coach. I don’t offer a ‘one size fits all approach’. I take all of my clients seriously and this is about spending time achieving and actioning not colouring in. We are not all made the same and you cannot fit your dreams onto a pie chart!
  • Ensure your coach is also capable of offering and rapidly assisting you through personal development ethically! A good indicator is choosing one that is trained in NLP and hypnosis. A coach that has the capability to not only coach you, they can also help you therapeutically when the need arises is a clever and prudent choice. Otherwise, you will be required to also source a therapist in addition to a coach as most coaches aren’t qualified and won’t touch ‘sensitive’ issues with a barge pole. (I should know, I sometimes get coaches calling or referring their clients to me to help them with their client’s anxiety or sensitive ‘stuff’!) Why not get one that can do both. And to a Master Practitioner level…even better. I have a page for each of the therapies I am qualified in on this website.
  • Ensure your coach attends consistent learning and self development programs of their own and walks their talk! I have met many coaches and therapists that need coaching and therapy. If it isn’t congruent and something doesn’t smell right it probably isn’t. Trust your instincts. A National Council for Hypnotherapy for example, expects full insurance and high level of training and additionally, a high number of hours of  CPD (continual personal development) per annum and is a good indicator of quality. I am MNCH registered.

Success Launch

£1400*13 Weeks
  • 1hr Weekly Coaching Session
  • Skype and In Person
  • NLP Hypnosis and Coaching
  • Weekly Progression Towards Goal Achievement

Breakthrough Session Intensive

£1500*One Full 8hr Day
  • Most Popular for Fast Results
  • Targeted Bespoke Intensive
  • Timeline Therapy Exclusive* More Therapy than Coaching. Designed to eliminate deep issues responsible for blocks*
  • Most Advanced Combination of Therapy and Coaching I offer

Success Launch XL (Recommended)

£2500*26 Weeks
  • 1hr Weekly Coaching Session
  • Skype and In Person
  • NLP Hypnosis and Coaching
  • Weekly Progression Towards All Life Goals Achievement

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