Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy 

Thank you and well done for seeking out a smoking cessation page if you are currently a smoker. You are over the first hurdle!

As an ex-smoker I remember that moment I decided to stop for good.

Using willpower alone is like puling against yourself. In fact it’s exactly that. You are pulling against that part of you that wants to smoke with the part of you that doesn’t That’s why hypnosis is so effective. It communicate directly to the unconscious which is where you are running the problem!

The power of hypnosis is amazing and it also requires you to apply yourself mentally and follow all of my simple & effective instructions. 

I’ve helped many people like you to stop smoking for good. I’m a registered, qualified and highly experienced therapist and I help people like you quit smoking using Hypnosis and NLP techniques. The reason these are so powerful is that they work at the level where your habit is running and stored – in the subconscious mind.

You may have been running that ‘program’ of smoking for years. That’s fine. You have the inbuilt capability to rapidly change and rewrite neural pathways and strategies of doing anything.

You are quite probably aware of the health implications and maybe even that wasn’t enough to sustain being a non-smoker or giving you enough of a motivation to stop. That ‘deep motivational reason’ is what I want to learn from you. When we have that we hold the key! 

In my 13 Reasons To Stop Smoking Blog – I outline the best 13 reasons to stop and exchange it for becoming a non-smoker. Read the BLOG HERE.

Why I use Targeted NLP and Hypnosis.  I work with smokers to help them become a long term non-smoker and to do this I have selected a combination of which I am confident that I am using the latest techniques and the very best applications to help you get to where you want to be.

Unlike other therapists, my approach is targeted and unique to you! I have created a missile-like targeted therapy designed to blow apart the habit at it’s root and help you replace it with positivity and the freedom of a brighter, healthier, lighter future. A a non-smoker you will leave with a future of more money in your pocket, a better bill of health and all the pros that come with being a non-smoker in our age. 

My Smoking cessation sessions are between 2.5 and 3hrs. This, I must emphasise, is not a gentle passive’ therapy session. You want to stop a habit that is potentially damaging your health and I take it seriously. It is designed to work to your strengths and have you leaving there convinced you are a non smoker and I will require you to take action and also follow instructions before and after the session to ensure it’s success. These can be as simple as removing all parephernalia from cars, homes, offices and also tell circles of contacts that you are stopping so to ensure support and lack of triggers whilst we work . You are of course paying me to help you quit for good and for that I will use all the skills I have to ensure you do.

This could be an amazing investment in your health, future and finances. Imagine how much money you are now going to save in addition to the health and social aspects!

Schedule a Free 30 Minute consultation with me today.

 I offer a Free 30 minute phone consultation where I can learn more about you and your habit.

Would you also like your sense of smell and taste buds restored?

Like to smell more appealing?

Want more money in your pocket?

Apart from the obvious health benefits there are those underlying health benefits (or costs) you don’t see or know of and this really could be the best decision you ever make! A good Hypnotherapist can help treat you to stop smoking in as little as a 3 hour session that is designed to you and your personal habit and thought processes.

…Recognise any of these?

  • You tried ‘Willpower’ methods and they didn’t last?
  • You’re sick of expensive patches, sucking on nicotine e-cigs and need more?
  • It’s anti-social and you don’t want to missing out on the inside!
  • You read the self-help books but still get strong cravings…
  • You think you don’t know how to stop. It controls you.
  • You finally want to stop for good?
  • You want to avoid putting on extra weight? (my methods target this common concern)
  • You know and already understand its bad for you but its just so difficult to quit on your own?
  • You want efficient help and you want it fast?
  • You know what you will do with the time, energy, money and better health once you swap smoking to become a non-smoker! You want it NOW.

Only one session is recommended. Your particular habit was formed from your experiences, what you believed to be true at the time and you may have been running this for years which is why it feels like it drives you sometimes rather than you controlling it.

Just consider for a moment what you will gain from securing your future as a non smoker. Certainly more money in your pocket. You will definitely smell better, look better and more appealing and like a person in control, it could improve your image at work where the pressures to improve health is increasing. The reasons to quit the habit are many. You will have your own very strong driving reasons that bring you to be reading this page and finding this solution.

I’m a certified Hypnotherapist with CNHC and MNCH registration. Together with hypnosis I use NLP and other* very specific techniques, some with roots in neuroscience and other programming techniques that work towards superseding why you are doing your habit. Your choice to choose a hypnotherapist is a positive one that will help you.

My current success rate based on past smoking clients is over 90%. There are no guarantees as there can’t be, you aren’t a puppet and you do control your own arms and legs and frankly, if you don’t really want to stop anything then you won’t. Its a choice. No one can force you, not even me. There is a myth that is worth busting now, that a hypnotist can ‘make’ you stop smoking without any will or inclination on your part. Thats untrue. The stage hypnotists go through large numbers and find ‘willing’ volunteers that even from those numbers a few will be highly susceptible to their suggestions. Their willing is their choice. If you are willing then that’s enough for me to help you. You must want to stop and access that will of yours and the part of you that wants to stop must be more motivated than the part of you that wants to continue the habit. If you are 100% motivated to want to stop anything and no part of you wants to continue, then you don’t need me or any other hypnotherapist, you already have 100% willing and control to stop, with that you should decide to stop right now!