Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy 

Smoking and Vaping Are Compelling Habits You Can Stop for Good.

Stop Smoking or Vaping in 1 Session I have used for 10years 

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Eliminate Nicotine and Other Toxins From Your Life

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Eliminate the Anxiety around your Habit

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“I approached Diane about quitting smoking. I now have no desire ever to smoke again.”
T Goslar
“I had been trying to give up smoking for years. I tried everything, patches, gum, e- cigarettes I’d given up hope. Then a friend recommended Diane. I couldn’t believe it. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
G Simmons

Why Hypnotherapy works for Smoking Cessation

After ten years of checking up with clients after their session, I have over a 90% success rate with this method. This is better than cold turkey method, reading books, patches or any other method currently available that we could find.

Why Does It Work More Effectively?

Well, it’s not your thinking conscious mind that smokes. It’s the auto-pilot you. You have learnt it and it’s now running as a triggered, automatic program in a part of you we’ll label your ‘unconscious mind’. Talking directly to your unconscious mind in the way it learns from and likes, is what makes the big difference.

Why This Isn’t Just Regular Hypnotherapy

Putting you into a trance is not enough. It’s knowing exactly what to say and how to work which is the real skill here and why it should only take one session. You are either a smoker or you are not, it’s very simple. There is an off switch but to get there, requires approach that allows your unconscious mind to appreciate all the reasons why and to replace it so it stays like that for good.

I combine Hypnotherapy with a special way of coaching called NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to the part of you running your habit to do this.

Your unconscious mind is intelligent and has learn how to do this problem. Simply telling it to ‘stop smoking’ is like telling a child that likes ice-cream to stop eating it. It’s going to have a strop! We must respect your unconscious choice and guide it in a way that allows it to fully undo it’s current habit and relearn something new and improved. This is what also relieves the anxiety or replacement people often fear with stopping smoking or vaping.

It is an effective system where you also will be active and feel empowered.

There is no need to follow up – It’s one long bespoke session of up to 3hrs.

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