Stage fright therapy and anxiety are common with actors at various stages of their career.

Does it affect you?

Whether waiting in the wings for Press Night, before a show or when family or ‘special’ industry folk are in the audience Stage fright can get an actor. Stage fright therapy with me is a very direct treatment and can be a rapid therapy treatment too using NLP, Hypnosis and a new technique with its roots in neuroscience discoveries as mentioned below….

For my treatment of stage fright therapy I use a mixture of anxiety and coaching techniques.  I can help you maximise your creative availability, teach you to self help and have this available technique at your disposal for future life events.

Your mind has the ability to utilise rapid learning to get you to where you want to be sooner and we can use this to our advantage. Importantly, this doesn’t ‘therapy away’ the creative and dramatic ability you have. It arguably makes you even MORE effective. I like to use the analogy of cleaning a window. A clear pane of glass allows the creativity you have to shine through. Be clear of your own ‘stuff’ and the work you do flows easily. Let me show you how.

The audience are in, it’s a big night and the nerves and cortisol stress hormones begin to rise. Thanks to a new technique you have an amazing self-help application you can do when this happens. The application lowers stress levels and raises Delta Wave.

Delta wave is a naturally produced wave that relaxes the body and psyche. A healing wave, it can combat stress and strain, anger, negative emotions and anxious feelings. This makes it excellent for performers experiencing stage fright, therapy that is effective is now a reality.

Performing as a career is different for everyone. For some actors it can produce nervousness over time or at the beginning of a career. Often combining ideas that might limit success and perhaps an event that made you feel bad about yourself in the past contributing to what is now an unstoppable force of nerviness. It could be a nightly, daily stress. For others it can grow over time or appear seemingly from nowhere.

The inescapable stress in a job such as this can alter the ‘landscape’ of the brain. Some people’s baseline landscapes are more susceptible than others to encoding trauma and stress.

If you experience prolonged stress in your job or even in a life situation, whether in performance or otherwise, a theory by Dr Ronald Ruden the creator of Havening Technique, is that you can encode this on the amygdala in the form of AMPA receptors. Then by producing delta wave when these receptors are triggered begins a neurological chain reaction and a process of positive change occurs.


NLP Therapy & Coaching stage fright therapy for elimination, free from stage fright

I helped the client in the youtube link above by using techniques to elevate this stress at the Amygdala level of ‘encoding’ to use that expression, using a new and exciting method of therapy called Havening technique. I also added to this some advanced NLP Hypnosis and my personal coaching for actors. So I took her from stress and negative emotive states towards then coaching her for her desired positive outcome in an important audition.

I have a background as an actress and combine it with my industry insider knowledge and my years as a therapist and coach to give you the best chance of success.

For more information about how I can help you overcome performance anxiety and stage fright, please call me or email me by contacting me on the form below. I have therapy rooms in central London and Central Manchester, for actors working at Media City and at the theatres in the Northwest.

Please also see my website page dedicated to this very subject explaining how therapeutically and specifically I work with actors.

Actors and Stage Fright

For London actors and Manchester actors and actresses experiencing stage fright, performance anxiety and more.

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