Relationship Breakthrough for Couples

Relationships are complex!

Relationships are the creation of two or more individuals collaborating consciously and unconsciously and all that brings to the mix. They require mindful consideration and applied work for them to work long term. That rarely happens by happy accident.

Sometimes we need more help, an external eye and support that provides more than counseling could provide.

We mostly do not tend to relationships like we would a garden and we get frustrated when things don’t go smoothly. Relationships require work to work over the long term.

What is a Relationship Breakthrough Program?

This is a focussed restructuring of how to tend to the relationship you have. We look at healing unwanted intrusive emotions and reaction and tend to the goals and shared focusses of the relationship together.

Sometimes retitled as the ‘saved our relationship program’, this is a program of truth, healing and realignment.

The program looks at what is occurring underneath the surface. Both perspectives of each individual is held respectfully and the relationship is looked at closely in terms of the dynamic that works and what doesn’t work so we can map you both to the healed and functioning relationship you both seek and agree you want.

How are you functioning within the relationship?

How healthy is the communication?

Are you needs being met?

What are the feelings and emotions predominantly within the relationship?

Are past relationships haunting the current relationship or past traumas unhealed and causing problems difficult for you both to navigate?

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For real changes in relationships, both people should be motivated to achieve their resolution and be open for conversation, shifts and new changes to allow for the relationship to make growth and thrive.

Create The Best Outcome For All

How the program works and more information.

In person and on video call such as Zoom or Teams. We work across 2 weeks with check-ins and positive forwards focussed coaching following 3 days of work together in person.

The success of a Relationship Breakthrough is determined on both people being honest and preparing to be open to new ways of perceiving things to bring harmony to the relationship whilst maintaining their own needs.

Sometimes partners wish to navigate the ending of a relationship and wish to explore options and feelings especially if children are involved.

Much like a 1:1 Breakthrough, the problem symptoms are discussed and the goal and preferred outcome this time for both individuals within a relationship and then in togetherness or going in other directions respectfully. The relationship itself is brought into focus as well as each separate individual and those involved in it. Past relationships and traumas are also discussed and healing processes are also used to focus healing on blocks you may have to the goal for the relationship and the individuals.

We work together in person and on zoom to achieve the desired discussed outcomes and work through the necessary changes.  This often can feel very held and secure, quite intensive at times and very illuminating as well as healing.

Unlike traditional relationship counselling and talking therapy, this is a program of work focussed on the immediacy of the situation to bring about much needed healing changes in the shortest time.

It is an intensive application and combination of therapeutic work and coaching forwards, towards the desired outcome of both partners, whilst being sensitive to the needs of both partners.

The healing includes Hypnotherapy and NLP, applications of other methods such as Havening, neuroscience based psycho-sensory techniques and Thought Field Therapy, EFT and Coaching.

The outcome is that both partners feel more clarity about the relationship and each other. Outcomes such as feeling positively bonded and have more peace in the relationship is expected if that is the desired outcome of both parties. Sometimes it is peace and clarity with the outcome and knowing what to do next for each individual.

It’s common to feel that connection and communication has greatly improved and both partners understand each other much more fully. Depending on the couple’s needs, it may also provide clarity for ‘conscious uncoupling’ where both partners felt they couldn’t navigate that separation on their own and this process helps them reclaim their individual needs and directions beyond the relationship. Every relationship is unique.

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Diane Beck

Diane Beck NLP Hypnotherapist