Panic & Anxiety cannot be successfully treated on its own !

Ask most therapists to treat you and they will happily use Hypnosis or NLP as I do, or any other modality of yours or their choosing to treat one of the most common complaints to therapists in the UK. Anxiety and Panic. They will probably have a lot of experience treating it, nearly every client is anxious about something relating to the issue – maybe anxious it’s never going to get better, or worried that they will be thought of a particular way , panicking about money, their job, their future, family, their situation..the list goes on. However, without treating the opposite, no matter how thorough the initial treatment on the issue, it seems now that it can be ‘recreated’ if there is polarity pull in the opposite…people can have a problem with being calm, or relaxed if the anxiety is serving a protective purpose so there is a resistance to the opposite of anxiety and that must be treated!…

Until I trained in NLP, Havening and Hypnosis,I had little idea of the consequences of treating traditionally one-sided emotions and how balance is crucial. In NLP they can often refer to ‘away from’ values where you are less running towards what you want rather running away from it’s opposite which is what’s fuelling the problem. My perception must then be as a therapist to be mindful of the root cause and the triggers of the problem in the clients subconscious. If you only treat the ‘problem’ as it is perceived and experienced by the client and not it’s opposite or fuelling force, then you are only potentially treating half the problem.

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For example (using Anger as an example) – a client comes to the therapist and it becomes clear that they feel angry, that the main problem emotion is anger. We focus on that. However, (because we experience the world through our own senses, filters, maps of the world created by our experiences), our opposite to anger might be different to other peoples, so if the client’s opposite to anger is joy, or happiness or even calm, then this must also be treated! There are many reasons for this but the most obvious is that there may be a resistance to achieving the opposite to the issue. There might be history associated with what ‘calm’ (or anger’s opposite) means, how it is mapped for the client. They say they really, really need calm and are in fact angry about not getting it, so if they are angry with Calm, that should also be treated. They might not believe they will ever experience calm and they don’t trust it. They might secretly love being anger and have a dislike of being calm or calm people…etc. The aspects around the issue and it’s opposites unfold and when both are treated the client can expect a refresh, a reset and a balance and freedom they wouldn’t have achieved if the problem area was treated in isolation. RR covers all these aspects swiftly and more!

Those clients being treated in this new RR way, can expect to achieve Freedom, Choice and Flexibility from a therapy treatment that they wouldn’t have thought possible.

Reflective repatterning contains elemens of meridian therapies, TAT (Tappas Flemmings TAT pressure point pose), NLP reframing models, Compulsion Blowouts, Exagerators and Hypnosis confusion language patterns that work on the unconscious thinking. It’ a very powerful and effective therapy.

Reflective repatterning is now offered by me, Diane Beck, in my Manchester Deansgate clinic and even more effectively by internet using Skype or apple Facetime so you can relax holding the pressure point pose whilst I talk to you over the internet and administer the RR treatment. The sessions are roughly 2-2.15hrs long.

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If you are interested in a thorough, balanced and effective treatment, please contact me for more information about what therapies I use and how they can help you achieve what you want quickly!

tel 0161 949 8182 or 0207 118 3738

X authored by Diane Beck

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By Diane Beck