If Your Therapist Is On Your Christmas Card List – Sack Them!


In the Social Media Age – the face of therapy is changing. New Speedier solutions are being offered on Harley Street and Marylebone and these new alternative options deliver. It’s fast, effective and even a bit spooky.


I remember walking into a Freudian Therapist’s office week after week until he finally declared me ‘done’ and told me to pull my socks up and to stop seeing my mother! I think he was bored of my moaning. To be honest I couldn’t have paid any friend to listen to the diatribe and mental meanderings so he offered a service I thought I needed. Did I still have my problem . Oh Yes!! In fact it took me years until I found a TFT therapist using NLP techniques that began to make changes that were tangible.


In my new blog I discuss the new techniques that I use with my clients and I discuss therapies that you can also read about in the website. For more information about how I offer quick acting multi-modality change – then use the contact form and I will respond to you directly.



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