Diane Beck, Therapist and blogger explains why modern therapies like RR and Havening are the new secret weapons for the shred therapist to eliminating upset and heal polarity and trauma.

Reflective Repatterning is a modern therapy for a generation of stressed out, time-poor folk like myself who want results fast.
Fortunately people are shifting from the idea that therapy requires you sit on a comfy chair with a therapist whom you visit weekly for a foreseeable future. Nowadays change happens fast, which suits us. We are more discerning and demanding

and if we have a problem we want a quick fix at a reasonable cost, if we want guidance, then we expect it to be correct, for it truly work and get us out of there now! Well, there are now remarkable therapies that can do just that and a new breed of therapists wanting to share it with you.

Reflective Repatterning (or RR for short) and Havening are the new favourites to try if you want fast acting more permanent results. (for RR training details please go to the bottom of this page)

From a therapist’s perspective like myself it has a root in meridian therapy, which I personally already use (TFT-VT, EFT), along with hypnosis and NLP. RR also works on polarities within opposites to create Neutrality, something I also absolutely believe to be essential, flexibility and balance is key. RR achieves balance, flexibility and neutrality both energetically and in the mind.
For any therapist out there interested in training in Reflective Repatterning, RR is a winning combination of language patterns that are rooted in the known NLP idea of ‘reframing’ clever confusion patterns inducing light trance states which at times easily bypass the conscious brain and work on changing old patterns and associations, particularly when using the ‘Paradox’. For example, if I were working with Anxiety the paradoxical phrase ‘Anxious Anxiety anxiously makes me anxious’ and plays within that.

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It’s also fun and challenging to do. There are five basics within the usual framework of RR, how YOU experience it within, How OTHERS experience it (seemingly from your perspective), how YOU DO IT TO OTHERS, how OTHERS DO IT TO YOU, and the PARADOX which is a word play that wipes and reorganises a view, belief, visual and association with the very word itself of the issue you are working with, and all of this is muscle tested along the way for greater efficiency and constant testing of success and completion so the next stage can be moved to with confidence. Importantly the OPPOSITE of Anxiety must then also be used I also like it because although sessions are slightly longer due to it’s thoroughness and framework, the results are amazing! Also for me as a therapist who regularly prefers using Voice Technology level TFT (Thought Field Therapy) to NLP and Hypnosis with clients, Reflective Repatterning works simultaneously on 16 meridians of the body, removing the need to test for TFT PR – Psychological Reversals that are being cleared in the process of working. You are still muscle testing on your client like when using voice technology or advanced TFT, but rather than homing in to a specific field of a thought, you’re clearing whole unconscious patterns, associations with the thoughts aroud the issue and energetic associations, memories, visuals etc to ‘whatever you are treating’. The result is so far the best therapy I’ve used.

With Havening round the corner, this is going to be a really interesting year for my therapeutic practice. I will still continue to use TFT, VT Hypnotherapy and NLP where it’s muscle tested to be best for the client at that point, however, RR is brilliant and works very deep.

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The creator of this new exciting therapy used RR on my own personal  experiences and as a receiver it feels at times profoundly emotional leading to a clearing and neutrality. It works at a deep level. Thoughts and memories – those postcard flashing image associations are surprising and seem to be reorganised as each part of the framework is finishing.  I always tend to feel a ‘nothingness and neutrality’ about a subject after work has ended. Its sometimes a purging and other times feels clearing and balancing but always thorough.

There have been odd occasions where more RR work needed to be done on issues within the issue or it’s opposite to create harmony and balance but though rare, it’s always led to an even greater result of neutrality. Even on issues I thought I’d ‘therapied’ the heck out of, like my father’s death in my teens, when RR was applied it was astonishing how much more therapeutic release there was that my body had been holding onto. That said, working on the body too with physical therapies like Bowen, massage, and Feldenkrais are also recommended by Chris to achieve an even greater all round success. I’ve recently found that using RR to speak directly to organs and muscles in the body creates more release but there is definitely room to play with this being in it’s relatively early stages of development always working on the idea of opposites is key to it’s success as the resistance can be in what you love and the biggest emotional charge can be in the opposite to what you love…

If you’d like to experience the deep changes RR can offer you for a quicker more permanent positive change, then Reflective Repatterning or RR then it’s now available either in clinic in Manchester, London, or preferably via Skype. This being a voice therapy where you are required to hold a simple pressure point Tapas Fleming inspired Acupressure pose during the word play, there really is little need for you to be in the same room as the therapist. And yes muscle testing can be done over the phone! VT – Voice Technology works purely on muscle testing the connection made during a phone conversation that the late great TFT creator Roger Callahan discovered.

Note: If you’re not a follower of Paul McKenna and haven’t heard of his new therapy of choice, ‘Havening’, then be prepared to be amazed. I’ve experienced it and it was a beautiful way of comforting, releasing deep reactions gently and eliminating traumas by changing brainwave states and changing chemical responses in the brain to an old trigger permanently. I’m playing with what I know of Havening at the end of sessions and combining with RR principles of opposites and RR prior to it and will re-post the results I find. I’ll be training in Havening later this year hopefully with the brilliant master trainer Kevin Laye.

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By Diane Beck