Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation)

The quest for ‘Still Point’ to heal and unwind using scalar wave technology. Cold lasers such as those used in the Quantum Wave Laser can prime the body for repair so that you get optimum healing. Also known as Photobiomodulation, cold laser doesn’t burn or cut as the name suggests, but activates healing mechanisms already in place!
Studies show that lasers donate photons of energy that go into the cells and increase the mitochondria (the cells’ energy store) to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) the energy ‘currency’ of the cells. Children naturally, usually have about 100% ATP activation in their cells, that as adults when we get stressed the ATP can drop to as low as 40%. 

The lasers help our cells produce more ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which the cells use as energy. The lasers therfore promote natural healing when the cells have the optimum energy to do their job. The lasers I also use have scalar technology with the aim to to collapse trauma and cellular memory, relax and unwind the body to ‘still point’ the ideal healing state for the body and mind.
Clients often describe the still point experience as total calm relaxation and even bliss. I use both the lasers and the QiFi energy device in the room to achieve this with the client.
This is a gentle light treatment. It is a safe, gentle low level laser (also referred to as ‘cold laser’) treatment is FDA approved for your assurance.  
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Quantum Wave Laser and probes. The Violet Probe laser I use is a non-linear wave length.

The scalar wave laser has Violet LEDs with narrow beam width. It also has 16.5mw red spectrum laser diodes (in 650nm) and infra red spectrum diodes at (780nm). It is programmable and can be used with CAFL frequencies.

The scalar wave is FDA approved. Indicated for promoting relaxation amongst other relief including temporary relief of arthritic pain, muscle pain and joint aching, spasm or stiffness. It is capable of increasing blood flow to the area and treating cells at a mitochondrial level.

The laser contains Red, Infra Red spectrum and Violet wavelengths. I also use a Violet Probe and a 70-mw violet laser diode. Research shows that violet light is anti-bacterial and activates mitochondrial (the energy molecule) enzymes, genetic information, telomere length, stem cell generation and the activation of DNA. Infra-red is good for deeper applications including bone, cartilage, discs and joints. Studies show that infrared lasers may increase bone density. Red light is good for surface applications including skin, soft tissue, muscles and nerves.

I use Scalar Wave Cold Laser technology to promote healing in my clinic in Manchester. Contact me today to find out how it’s benefits can help your current concerns click here, whether you wish to promote the healing of scar tissue or relaxing and emotional balancing. It’s applications are wide, varied and safe! Like the plants on the the surface of the planet, our cells know how to use light.


Neurons in the brain

Laser therapy is photo medicine. It is a science. There is a great deal of research behind it with over 2500 research papers and trials. A global phenomenon with amazing results coming out of Russia, China and more recently the USA but here in the UK, we seem to have missed out on hearing of the benefits of light therapy. 30 years of scientifically supported cold-laser healing means that the world is waking up to the benefits of laser therapy just as Einstein had predicted. It took 30 years for empirical science to accept after much research, that the technology, pioneered by the Russians, could produce sustainable results.

Matter is Energy. Energy is Light. We are all Light Beings – Albert Einstein.

Why would we use it ? The application of laser therapy is wide reaching; from Dentistry and Equine industry use, to Podiatry, skin issues and bacterial control. Excellent for every day application on aching limbs to emotional balancing, increasing endorphins in the brain and even detoxifying the body. By knowing how the body works, application of light to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms means that there are endless applications. A good analogy for the cells in the body is the Internet; the millions of intelligent computers are connected and attached to the Internet that is a ‘Distributed Network’. Just like the body has millions of cells, the internet is connected to millions of computers. The computers have servers, the body has nodes and the main receptor is the brain. What science is finding now, is that the body thinks as a whole. Using the light as signals to the brain can get the body to respond and activate healing.
NASA use this technology on their Astronauts to keep them healthy in space!Cold Lasers stimulate the energy engine of our cells, the mitochondria to produce more Adenosinetriphosphate (ATP). This energy ‘engine’ governs 80 – 90% of the cells’ activities. To the human body, donated photons means more ATP energy, which in turn means healthier cells and quicker regeneration helping the body to heal faster. During an early experiment using laser on cells, scientists thought that using the laser would destroy the unhealthy cancerous pathogens, however, what was discovered instead was that the healthy cells in the culture had increased in vitality and strength and conquered the pathogens themselves! The light gave them more energy to create their desired healthy environment.

As a practitioner, I use the scalar wave laser technology. Different to other lasers currently on the market in terms of it’s efficacy, the Scaler Wave technology acts to wipe trauma form the cell and this can shift the cell back to its intended state in addition to the light-donating benefits.

Ever wondered why a scar won’t heal? Old cells carry cell memory and trauma information that it passes to the new cell when the cell regenerates. We regenerate an entirely new body every eight or so years. Deepak Chopra first asked the question ‘why do people still retain old injuries and scars if the body is known to regenerate and be a completely new body of cells every 8-10 years?’ Cell memory is the stress or tension pattern underneath all injury and disease. The technology in the unit works to activate scalar waves. Scalar waves neutralise all polarity in the cell and shift the cell memory. They are a ‘unified field’ of energy and don’t have polarity and therefore do not travel in the linear fashion from past to present. This device contains the use of Scalar waves that work to unwind and clear contraction in the unified field without polarity. This works in much the same way that an old cassette tape works (if you’re old enough like me to remember them!). If you want to clear the information you simply change the polarity, which neutralizes the information.

Treatments are 100% supplement and drug-free! The body has an amazing ability to heal itself in the correct circumstances and the mind has all the tools available to it, it sometimes just needs to be shown how. My aim is to get the body into that state to enable it to heal itself at the deepest energetic, cellular level, removing energy toxins food rotating and balancing the systems of the body. Communicating with the subconscious mind and removing energy reversals in the system to bring the intention to heal in rapport with the subconscious mind. Being cell-making machines, it’s what I believe comes naturally to us. The work I do can greatly enhance current pain management and treatments you may be undergoing. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss how this might help you with your current treatment programme.