Choosing a Coach for Life Success. Engineer Your Life, Don’t Leave it To Chance.

A coach can very often be the difference between dreaming and actually achieving.

A coach will help develop you to your maximum potential and bring out the best in you.

An excellent coach will help you achieve dreams you never thought possible!

Ever asked yourself that question ‘How did I end up here?’ In life that’s a sign you didn’t set or follow through with a goal. The good news is that you have landed here. I can help you…

Even being here reading about coaching means that on some level, You have already realised the value an excellent coach can give you. 

If in reality Your life is perfect! You have the perfect family (whatever that happens to be), You have the perfect relationship. You own your dream business or have the perfect career. You have a balance of time that enables you to do all the things in life your heart desires. You practically glow with measurable and increasing growth in all areas. Hey, you have everything worked out (I want to congratulate your coach!) – and you have stumbled across this site by accident and can now get back to achieving more and kite-boarding over the rest of them, living your amazing fantastic existance.

If that’s not the case, I invite you to read on…

Some people don’t understand the very nature of a coach and scoff at the seeming expense. Let them. They are not your competition. Your competition are those who already have a coach, because it’s a massively growing necessity for achieving ‘edge’ and growth in the business community at many levels now, not just amongst the C-Seats. And besides, You want more. You want to to grow and develop, don’t you!

Also, for those who think they don’t need a coach, it’s often because they haven’t considered just how much NOT having a coach has prevented them from having. What not having a coach has actually cost them in the past, is costing them now and will cost them in the future! The very nature of having a coach is designed to GET YOU MORE, not keep you wth less…You want more of the good stuff, don’t you!

Some people think that because they believe they can motivate themselves then they don’t need a coach. Well, as I say to my clients, it’s not always down to lack of motivation. A great coach can see into your ‘blind side’! What aren’t you noticing, that a good coach will notice for you, inform you of and help fix? Do you want someone checking your ‘blind side’ for you?

What I Can Do For You As Your Success Coach.

You will have direct access to me as your coach, downloads and more!

Imagine working towards all of your job, relationship, health and fitness and life goals with me coaching you, guiding you every step of the way! Plus, you have someone making you accountable which is the lead #1 reason why people don’t achieve their goals alone!  When people are only accountable to themselves they give up or get lazy or go off track.  

‘It isn’t just what achieving goals get for you, it’s who you become in the achieving of them!’

Consistency is the key. In any goal you achieved in the past you may notice looking back, that your consistency of attitude, belief and action led you towards that success. Goals fail when you fail to be consistent which is why I put together a consistency plan in 12 week and 26 week chunks for you.It is measurable, structured though flexible, challenging and BS-free. 

You either want it or you don’t! Look around you. Make your choice now because time doesn’t wait for You!

You will be drawing from my years of experience and NLP Hypnosis skills and my personalised Goal Achievement Launch plan of action that has led other people towards consistent success. Let me help you develop and achieve even more than you thought possible! For my guide to choosing the right coach click HERE.

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Quick Guide to Picking the right coach for you!

  • Ensure your coach knows the right questions to ask you at EXACTY the right moment!
    • A Master Practitioner of NLP from a world class training establishment is a good choice. A good indicator is the initial consultation and any questionnaire an accountability task they may set you before accepting you as a continued client
  • Do you like them? Do you have a good rapport with them because it is an important  investment in yourself.
    • Some coaches have an inflexibility of style (i.e. one size fits all approach) So be sure they know how to get the best from you!
  • Ensure your coach is trained in Hypnosis and NLP!
    • …or atleast understands how goals are actually achieved! (Anyone who thinks goals are consciously achieved will fail to help you achieve your goals and I can explain why in a consultation with you)
  • If you like flyers and diagrams to colour in as coaching homework,
    • (yes, I have come across this)  I am not your coach. I don’t offer a ‘one size fits all approach’. Yes having kinaesthtic and visuals are key but in a bespoke format. I take all of my clients seriously and this is about spending time achieving and actioning (not colouring in). We are not all made the same and you cannot fit your dreams onto a pie chart!
  • Ensure your coach attends consistent learning and self development programs of their own and walks their talk!  
    • Trust your instincts – are they congruent? Do they walk their talk and value coaching themselves? A National Council for Hypnotherapy for example, expects full insurance and high level of training and additionally, a high number of hours of  CPD (continual personal development) per annum and is a good indicator of quality. I am MNCH registered and CNHC. To add – Tony Robins, one of the world’s most renowned and successful coaches, has several coaches himself.

Choosing a ‘Break Through’ Day long Session!

What it is and why it’s often life changing!

The Life Coach Break-Through Session Explained.

When there are layers and facets to a presenting problem that is affecting your success and emotional state that a straightforward therapy session cannot encompass,  then I recommend a Break Through.

My Break-Through Sessions are full days (or occasionally split over two consecutive days). This is so that we can spend a full day focussing on you. Lets work together to move you from being stuck where you are now to where you want to be, emotionally and psychologically. To do this we work together within all the hours we have that day of intensive action, interventions and coaching. As a 1 Day structure it is packed. Initially the process targets root causes and then promotes deep resolution of often long held problems responsible for the presenting issues.

This amazing day is about You. As a laser point focus it is the ultimate Spring Clean for the myriad of unswept issues and programs no longer serving you positively. If you can use the analogy of a computer, it is like ‘de-fragging’ the hard drive and removing old clutter, outdated software and installing the latest software, improving speed and making room for more! Who wouldn’t want that?

It can also be achievable in a day! It really can and I have many clients who have experienced it.  I compare it to the older methods of attending therapy over many weeks (or in some modalities even months or even…years). Why wait to have success weeks later that you can have today?

For such a day I offer you all of my NLP and Hypnosis coaching skills, years of therapist experience including Havening (a neuroscience inspired technique see HERE for more details). In this day long process, I am also able to offer you Tad James’  Time Line Therapy® technique. I consider this to be phenomenal. I am trained to Master Practitioner level by David Shephard, who is the president of the ABNLP. Enquire further for more information about what makes this an incredible process to promote healing.

What Results Can I Expect?

[Remember, no therapy can nor ever should ethically ever offer a guarantee]. Here’s what clients have said about the experience. Some clients describe a lightness and a restore to balance. Some clients may feel as though they have eliminated many unwanted negative emotions and limiting beliefs, old habits and more. Many express that they feel calmer and have more ‘clarity’, ‘focus’ and are less negatively emotional generally and instead notice they feel much more positive. Some remove phobias and other issues in the process that became a bonus for them within the session.

This can be a fantastic initial process from which to grow in a specific area. You have the opportunity to use the full day of attention on you to work with me to remove all your unwanted negative emotions, restrictive and limiting thought patterns and beliefs. You have opportunity in that time to  resolve deeply held issues by using NLP and Hypnosis techniques and all of my additional skill set. The ultimate spring-clean for the mind!

As an initial step in the coaching process it often proves very valuable. When we set goals, those niggling thoughts and emotions preventing us from taking the action required are often cleared out in the Break Through Day, paving the way for more success. I highly recommend it.