‘Laughter is the best medicine!’

We’ve all heard that quoted. Laughter is good for you. Fact. It can also change the way you perceive something. Laughing and finding humour in fears can change the reaction to it permanently

according to NLP co-founder Richard Bandler.

Did you know that when you laugh you stimulate protective T-cell production (which by the way destroy tumours and viruses), release endorphins the feel good hormones, you activate neurotransmitters that have the same pain-relief properties as morphine, it wakes up your heart and lungs with all that hooting and air intake and 15 minutes of laughter can be the equivalent of 2 hours of sleep to the body!

health-success lifestyleReal or Fake laughing – the brain can’t tell the difference so start laughing. You can, for no reason, its easy just do it! A little gift to your marvellous body for the day. Maybe stick on a funny movie or listen to a comedy on the radio but get hooting!

Did you know that it’s also impossible to have a panic attack whilst laughing! So laugh it up! HA HA HA in the face of fear and watch it shrink.

If you’re interested in experiencing a Laughter hypnosis session, where we can set ‘Laughter Triggers!’ at my London or Manchester clinic, contact me on 0161 949 8182 or London on 0207 118 3738 (or email me at diane@health-success.co.uk) and laugh yourself to better health. I use NLP, TFT and Hypnotherapy to get the best results that are bespoke to you!

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Authored By Diane Beck