Hypnosis for Insomnia – The Gentle Power of Delta Waves

Insomnia and Sleeping Patterns can be dramatically improved with NLP Hypnosis and positive sleep well suggestions. As a hypnotherapist I regularly work with clients experiencing insomnia and stress related symptoms affecting their sleep. Use of Hypnosis with breathing techniques and delta wave can improve the pattern of sleep and return it to a desired habit. The attention to anxiety and stress can also be key for longer term success.

Did you know that deep trance hypnosis and Havening Techniques ® produce Delta Waves – the pre-sleep wave we create naturally? These waves are highly relaxing for the mind and body.

I use a combination of modern, trusted techniques to eliminate the underlying stressors and patterns associated with disrupted sleep as well as offer advice on other ways you can achieve better quality sleep yourself in the future.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you eliminate disrupted sleep and insomnia, teach you healthy, drug-free ways to manage stress using simple techniques you can use at home in as little as one or two sessions,

We all used to sleep like babies and then something happened that changed that.

I work with you to ascertain what is stopping you from getting a really good nights sleep.

Does your sleep pattern suffer from :-

  • Work Stress
  • General Worries and Life Concerns
  • The Sunday Night Monday Morning Looming feeling…
  • Illness or health issues
  • A belief around why you can’t get that good night’s sleep.
  • Bad eating habits? Eating or drinking alcohol late night can affect your sleep.

Find out HERE why not getting enough sleep can cause weight gain and other health issues!

Do you check your emails in bed and watch TV in the bedroom? You could be signalling to your unconscious that your bedroom is a place of alertness and work rather than deep rest.

A lot of high intensity programs are shown in the evenings and late night that can raise cortisol and adrenalin levels. Now with catch up TV and the internet, there are opportunities to really make the evening and late night about re-charging your batteries and feeling amazing on waking.

Check out our download for helping you sleep more easily at the downloads page Relaxing Downloads

If you take that TV out of the bedroom and leave the smart phone and tablets charging in the dock, you’re also telling your unconscious your bedroom is a place of rest and to start producing those sleepy delta waves. Making simple changes like this can also help you obtain a better quality of sleep and signal when its time to start winding down.

Tip: Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine before bedtime
Tip: Is you room dark enough for long enough? By using blindfolds or blackout curtains
Tip: Want to sleep better? Then reduce the stress hormone cortisol. If you have what you consider to be a high intensity or stressful job, pounding on the treadmill will raise cortisol levels. Work with a trainer to increase cardio or create a cortisol reducing programme — and don’t exercise before bed because raised cortisol is not going to help you get a good night’s sleep.

I can work with you using power and proven Hypnosis and NLP techniques to eliminate the stressors and reduce cortisol and the ‘fight and flight’ hormone Adrenaline.

The quality of the sleep is more important that the hours you put in.

There are fantastically powerful ways to help with quick sleep using Hypnotherapy techniques. I can show you how.

I can show you new exciting Havening techniques to help you drop off into a wonderful sleep state very quickly, creating the same brain waves we actually have during a wonderful sleep state. If you would like more information about Havening, please see the FAQ page or How it Works menu.

I can show you how breathing can also improve your detoxification and help to create relaxation. We can even ‘anchor’ the sleepy feeling your favourite pillow or chair!

Hypnotherapy, Havening, NLP and NLP-like therapies like Reflective Repatterning are a powerful combination to help truly eliminate what it bothering you and for you to really achieve your delta wave dreams.

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