Hypnosis for Ocd

Hypnosis for Habits and OCD

We all have unwanted habits that can get in the way…however

Sometimes they can feel as though they are taking over and encroaching on our lives way too much!

When habits become obsessions and necessary to us, it’s time to get the right kind of help so you can regain control and a sense of calm and relief.

It’s not uncommon for OCD and habits to trigger stress and anxiety, guilt and other unwanted emotions. It’s really not fun at all. In fact it can feel very out of control and confusing.

I understand. I have helped many people experiencing symptoms and behaviours like this over the last ten years. I have even trained other experienced hypnotherapists in my method.

I have created a very structured and highly effective approach that means you work with me over a day. This one structured longer session contains a formula approach that really helps you remove the problem and replace it with calm positivity and understanding. This is to help you finally heal OCD and unwanted habits for good!

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We all learn habits and behaviours.

Your mind learns habits and behaviours your whole life. When they are positive, then that’s great, it’s when they produce unwanted effects that it’s time to get the right help. This approach enables it to learn its way out of the problem and heal it for you.

You may be wondering why you do it.  OCD can be confusing and deeply stressful for some people. They can be obsessive thoughts, using your phone compulsively, obsessing about an idea, thing or person. It can even focus on an area of your life such as your health or relationship, an ex or as a simple need to do or touch something. This is learnt behaviour and I can help you undo this unwanted habit for good.

I have helped countless individuals free themselves of these habits and compulsions. Begin the process of making the change today and lets chat about how I can help you free yourself from this for good..

How can if work in only one session?

I have a very clear and structured understanding of compelling habits and OCD as a coach and therapist and this is from helping people like you for over ten years.

You really do have the power to learn rapidly and create new ways to behave. NLP with Hypnotherapy is excellent for habits and together with some other methods that work well with hypnosis, they simplify the approach and help us sort this for you in a deeply effective and structured way. I do this in a longer session and program that I call my ‘Habit Breakthrough’.

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What my clients say

First and foremost I would like to thank Diane for changing my life for the better. I had suffered with OCD for 30 years and nothing seemed to work . I met Diane and the results were amazing. I did not know the root cause of my problem, but after working with Diane, all my questions were answered, it was incredible. My friends and family are amazed at the positive changes in me.
Azra G. Manchester
I’ve tried many therapists over several years, and all have been little better than useless. Diane’s techniques are truly revolutionary. And they take effect almost immediately. I would recommend her to anyone who struggles with problems they believe or have been told will take years to resolve.
Steven, London
I do feel like a weighty cloud has been lifted after being plagued with anxiety over my health following a period where I had cancer. Although I’m recovered,
my anxiety and worrying about it returning was stopping me from moving on with my life.
Working with Diane has alleviated that, as well as removing negative, self limiting beliefs about myself- and for that I am enormously grateful and cannot praise Diane highly enough.
Suey, Manchester
Diane Beck

Diane Beck NLP Hypnotherapist

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We can make positive changes rapidly as I create a targeted and effective approach personalised to You! This ensures we work towards a deep and lasting change.

Live the life you deserve to live, sooner than you thought possible!

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