Feeling Overwhelmed? I can help you find clarity and calm

Feeling Overwhelmed and stuck, can leave you lost, demotivated and even emotional.

As a coach, client’s experience this from time to time and believe me when I assure you there is a straight-line route out of this with the right guidance.

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Find clarity and calm

To get you to clarity and calm from this state, the right questions, really understanding you and where you are and knowing how to get you where you need to get to, are essential.
NLP coaching and emotional release techniques, target and resolve your overwhelm in as little as 1-3 sessions.
Hypnotherapy and other supportive methods work quickly with coaching to get you back on track rapidly. This can even be done over zoom very successfully.
Overwhelm is the absence of solution that would otherwise have you moving forwards and getting on.  We feel overwhelmed when lots of details feel like they’re  clumped together in one big issue, on-top of us or in the way, somehow.

Why choose me?

The right coaching and approach will help you gain that much needed perspective and emotional calm. Lifting you out of that whirlwind and giving you back your clarity and direction.
  • I’m a Registered Hypnotherapist with many years experience since becoming a therapist in 2010 accumulating thousands of client hours.
  • I run three successful clinic locations including Manchester, London and Alderley Edge in Cheshire.
  • The sessions are bespoke to you – no one size fits all.
  • I’m highly qualified and have completed many certifications making the Hypnosis even more effective
    • such as NLP Master Practitioner
    • Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner
    • Master NLP Coach
    • Kinetic Shift Practitioner
    • Havening Techniques® Practitioner
    • TFT Master Practitioner (Thought Field Therapy)
    • and many other certifications over many years.

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What my clients say

I feel amazing since our session, I can’t thank you enough
AK. London
All is going brilliantly with me, nothing short of a complete transformation to be honest. Thanks so much for your amazing hard work!
DP. Cheshire
Diane Beck is an amazing therapist. I was sceptical that my problems could be dealt with so quickly.
GH. Manchester
Diane Beck

Diane Beck NLP Hypnotherapist

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We can make positive changes rapidly as I create a targeted and effective approach personalised to You! This ensures we work towards a deep and lasting change.

Live the life you deserve to live, sooner than you thought possible!

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