I was recently asked about the difference between TFT -Thought Field Therapy and EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, Manchester Therapists like me, are using to help clients with emotional negativity and trauma.

As a top TFT Therapist trained to TFT-VT level in the UK which is recognised by the BTFTA as TF-Master Practitioner, and also a wide knowledge of EFT, I have a strong perspective on the usability and effectiveness of both disciplines. The truth is that I use both. I use different techniques for my clients according to the circumstances, situation (Skype sessions, phone sessions or in person), and also according to what the client brings to me.

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For example – if you were to come to my TFT and EFT clinic in Deansgate Manchester, looking to resolve an issue that makes you upset to think on it, perhaps a memory from the past or a current situation, various techniques can be employed to help you immediately. As with a lot of clients, once in the room and when we begin to talk face to face, the issue rises and client can sometimes become emotional, understandably. Before any hypnosis, NLP or other such techniques, I’d immediately use TFT to neutralise the emotional imbalance to make the client comfortable and to progress through the discussion (I also always issue a detailed questionnaire prior to treatment, so discussion is kept to a minimum and treatment takes precedence). In situations where clients are visually emotional, I would usually use an advance TFT-Triangle.

The triangle has its roots in TFT-VT. VT or TFT Voice Technology the highest level of treatment and was founded by Roger Callahan. The difference from the more famous EFT Emotional Freedom Technique is that Thought Field Therapy, the original, at this level of training, allows clients to be kinesiology tested over the phone using their voices alone! It sounds amazing and even I was originally sceptical but in theory, execution and for sheer results there is nothing to match it and when I can, I use my VT Training (or Master Practitioner training as it’s taught in the UK) whenever I have the opportunity.


It cuts treatment time down and means that the client can retain a privacy about the event as long as they are thinking of it they needn’t tell me about it (celebrities find this very useful!). It also means, more importantly, that clients can be treated anywhere in the UK or worldwide, in fact anywhere in the world and still receive treatment. Home, on the road, holiday, anywhere where you can use Skype or a phone and you can receive treatment. Imagine that for anxiety and flight phobia sufferers! Also in my experience, freeing for those clients who might suffer from Agoraphobia, like a recent TFT VT (or TFT Master Practitioner) client of mine in Florida, America – please see the accompanying video testimonial HERE. The TFT PR Triangle can be most effectively used with affirmations which is where the similarity to EFT is at its strongest. They both mirror the major tapping points, but EFT utilises the affirmations that marries the subconscious with the conscious mind and creates a ‘rapport’. The level of advanced TFT and EFT I use utilises specific, bespoke affirmations and statements during treatment that reach the heart of the issue. It never avoids the target and is the most effective permanent treatment I use.

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For more information about the TFT and EFT I use –see my dedicated page on my website HERE

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