Therapist and NLP Hypnotherapist

Therapist for Health-Success,  Diane Beck is a CNHC, MNCH (Registered) Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Coach and Havening Techniques ® Practitioner. In the media Diane has appeared on BBC Radio recently as an invited expert to discuss positivity and change for 2017. Diane has also appeared in Psychologies Magazine and is a Your Tango ‘featured expert’.

Hi, I’m Diane Beck and the founding therapist of Health-Success. Following a successful career in the performing arts as a professional actress in TV, Stage, Film and Radio I found alternative therapy eliminated my performance anxiety, panic and stress issues. I’d also approached all kinds of therapists before I found NLP Hypnosis. The modern approach and techniques helped me so rapidly and the symptoms haven’t ever returned. I achieved so much that an avid interest took hold. 

 The strong desire to share this knowledge is a passion. I love the process in its creativity, need for rapid flexibility and the change I see in people is mesmerising. I often have ‘I love my job’ days and I want you to experience these techniques and my modern approach.

I know my clients want their problem gone as soon as possible. Having you understand you can change, that the brain is ‘plastic’ and you have the ability to truly get results you want will help us work effectively together. Let me help you achieve your wellness, health and life goals.

From addictions, weight loss, emotions, anxiety, phobias through OCD to trauma, life or career and business coaching, I believe you have the ability to resolve issues effectively with the right guidance. Let me help you get there.

The techniques I use are founded in hypnosis and NLP (neuro linguistic programming). I also use Havening Techniques, TFT and recent neuroscience discoveries in my approach to helping you.

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I want to learn about you and specifically what it is that You want from a therapy or coaching process so we have a clear focus and so that I can help you in the most effective way.  I encourage you to call today and discover more.

Often, clients may have come to alternative therapy via unsuccessful routes to outside of the NHS system. Sometimes clients have used many methods to help themselves without much success. What I offer are possible real solutions including coping strategies and essentially a way of changing how you feel about something that is currently concerning you – that is entirely achieveable.

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