You Are Already Designing Your Life

You are a collection of your thoughts, beliefs and ideas about yourself and the world.

Did you know that you are already achieving what you want all the time eve the weight gaining ones by dreaming about the bowl of chips or cream cake – the trouble is often – do you actually know what it is you want? You get what you think about and your unconscious mind will get it for you – even the stuff you really don’t want – in order to know what you don’t want, it has to present you with it to be sure (the unconscious doesn’t process negatives only actions) so Take action and start paying attention to what you DO want.

Pay attention to WHY you don’t think you will achieve the goal. That’s a limiting belief! Other people don’t hold you back, you do!

Read my blog here on google bloodspot – I have written my light guide to the beginnings of how you can understand goal achievement. I talk about a goal I achieved and just how that really happened and I give you the clues to how you can truly change your life and begin living the life you design. Iy’s your life, your time – use it prudently!

I offer life coaching to help people consistently achieve their goals and dreams. Contact me today to learn more now NLP Hypnosis can move you towards the desired outcomes you want!

With love and excitement – go get ’em!


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