Achievement Coaching and Purpose Alignment.

Yearly and Half Yearly Coaching Packages to help you achieve long term goals and align with your purpose and natural talents.

As a business owner and entrepreneur your time and energy must be focussed in the best way for you to achieve all of your goals.

Like many of my coaching clients you have big goals, you are building your business or successful already and want to achieve more. To improve on your success you want to iron out unwanted issues, behaviours or patterns that may be holding you back. You want to manage your emotions more effectively. You want to have a work-life harmonious balance. You know that to be good in business other areas of your life also must be supporting you and fulfilling you and want a coach who knows how to help with all life areas so that you can be the best version of yourself. You suspect your best qualities and talents can be maximised even further but don’t yet know how this can happen. Let’s capitalise on your unique talents that make you… YOU!

As a business owner myself and with years or coaching and therapy experience helping amazing people like you, I can be your accountability coach and push you to reach your deserved success. You want more and I want to help you achieve more.

6 month and yearly intensive programs help you to get the life you want to be living.

  • Discover how to set goals so that you achieve them
  • Know exactly what it is that you want and why you don’t have it right now.
  • Discover what it’s going to take to get you there and be coached 1:1 by Diane Beck keeping you accountable to achieving your goals and taking the right action.
  • Discover what’s really been holding you back and work with Diane to rapidly eliminate it.
  • Have the opportunity to discover your ‘Higher Purpose’ – a natural well-spring of energy. When you are being and doing You at your best you are ‘Living Life On Purpose’.
  • Align your goals to your purpose and discover how this massive enhances your energy and your fulfilment at a deep level.
  • We’ll discover your drives and powerful motivations.
  • Create and achieve your goals consistently and specifically and learn how to take action to actually achieve the goals.
  • Have measurable success and know what to do next.
  • Connect to yourself at a level that many people don’t know exists and learn how to use this knowledge and connection to get more of what you want.

Single Coaching Session with Diane is £265

8 Session Block Investment is £2100

6 Month Flexible Plan starts at £4200

12 Month Flexible Plan Starts at £6500



10 years Coaching and Therapy Experience and over 25 years in Communication.

Coaching and Mentoring

Want to improve presentations and language communication? In addition to being a hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner, Diane was trained as an actress at RADA and then spent years in the entertainment industry collaborating with award winning (even Oscar winning) writers and top directors & dramaturges. Often collaborating directly with writers, Diane worked to enhance character and script development swell as performing on some of the most prestigious stages in the UK, Paris and USA. Be mentored by Diane and really take your presentation and communication skills to the next level!

Some coaching issues just require that bit more

Therapy and Coaching can be supplied when needed. As a coach issues can arise that have their roots in the past and as a highly trained and experienced therapist, these skills can be directly applied to coaching clients where needed. If you need therapy, using NLP Hypnosis and Having Techniques (a new neuroscience based method) we can resolve issues for you in the office and get you back on track quickly without fuss.

Flexibility to suit your life.

Online or 1:1 in person. Be coached securely online from anywhere you can get good internet connection! Or be coached at your office location or in one of my bases in London, Manchester and Alderley Edge. This is a flexible availability of our communication, so that your goals can be targeted consistently and accurately wherever you are in the world.

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Choosing a ‘Break Through’ Day long Session!

What it is and why it’s often life changing!

The Life Coach Break-Through Session Explained.

When there are layers and facets to a presenting problem that is affecting your success and emotional state that a straightforward therapy session cannot encompass,  then I recommend a Break Through.

My Break-Through Sessions are full days (or occasionally split over two consecutive days). This is so that we can spend a full day focussing on you. Lets work together to move you from being stuck where you are now to where you want to be, emotionally and psychologically. To do this we work together within all the hours we have that day of intensive action, interventions and coaching. As a 1 Day structure it is packed. Initially the process targets root causes and then promotes deep resolution of often long held problems responsible for the presenting issues.

This amazing day is about You. As a laser point focus it is the ultimate Spring Clean for the myriad of unswept issues and programs no longer serving you positively. If you can use the analogy of a computer, it is like ‘de-fragging’ the hard drive and removing old clutter, outdated software and installing the latest software, improving speed and making room for more! Who wouldn’t want that?

It can also be achievable in a day! It really can and I have many clients who have experienced it.  I compare it to the older methods of attending therapy over many weeks (or in some modalities even months or even…years). Why wait to have success weeks later that you can have today?

For such a day I offer you all of my NLP and Hypnosis coaching skills, years of therapist experience including Havening (a neuroscience inspired technique see HERE for more details). In this day long process, I am also able to offer you Tad James’  Time Line Therapy® technique. I consider this to be phenomenal. I am trained to Master Practitioner level by David Shephard, who is the president of the ABNLP. Enquire further for more information about what makes this an incredible process to promote healing.

What Results Can I Expect?

[Remember, no therapy can nor ever should ethically ever offer a guarantee]. Here’s what clients have said about the experience. Some clients describe a lightness and a restore to balance. Some clients may feel as though they have eliminated many unwanted negative emotions and limiting beliefs, old habits and more. Many express that they feel calmer and have more ‘clarity’, ‘focus’ and are less negatively emotional generally and instead notice they feel much more positive. Some remove phobias and other issues in the process that became a bonus for them within the session.

This can be a fantastic initial process from which to grow in a specific area. You have the opportunity to use the full day of attention on you to work with me to remove all your unwanted negative emotions, restrictive and limiting thought patterns and beliefs. You have opportunity in that time to  resolve deeply held issues by using NLP and Hypnosis techniques and all of my additional skill set. The ultimate spring-clean for the mind!

As an initial step in the coaching process it often proves very valuable. When we set goals, those niggling thoughts and emotions preventing us from taking the action required are often cleared out in the Break Through Day, paving the way for more success. I highly recommend it.