Are you ready to be free of your anxiety & emotional issues? Feel Calm, Empowered and In Control Again.

There comes a point where the stress and overwhelm gets us to breaking point.

As busy humans we often brush things aside. We like quick fixes. For someone else to take it all away! 

We push it all down as much as we can and we think we are coping and we pain-manage and avoid really dealing with the bigger issue causing it all.

If you’re like the thousands of other people who avoid situations, create unwanted negative habits to cope,  ignore pain, try multiple quick fixes to work on symptoms, then congratulations for searching for a real solution and finding this page!

Read on. There is a real solution! It is also much quicker than you may realise. 

It’s what worked for me and changed my life from chronic anxiety and panic attack sufferer to confident, calm and focussed professional.

Like my client’s who successfully took the challenge, I am the walking example of how this works.

“Our mind can either be our best friend… or it can be our worst enemy. When we learn to work with our mind - magic happens!”

Discover What Others Have to Say About Their Breakthrough Experience

“Diane helped to dive deaper into the cause of what I was going through, helping to rebuild and reprogramme. Needless to say it’s a 5-star no-brainer for me. I walked into the session with a problem that was affecting my life significantly, I walked out changed for the better. I even spent the next 2 weeks constantly travelling to almost see if I would regress, nope, nothing. I’m all good! Thank you.”
A Gear
“I walked in as a woman who was disgusted with herself and felt unattractive, lazy and tired of life, full of fear and darkness. Diane’s professionalism, knowledge and overall presence made me see what I need to do to turn it around and I walked out empowered and full of sparkle. I highly recommend her to everyone who wants to change from fearful to cheerful! Thank you!”
“Diane was recommend by a good friend and I didn’t know what to expect. However she was amazing and dealt with everything efficiently and was super professional. I felt re-born!”
A Pistilli
“I saw Diane for help with anxiety, which psychological counselling had CBT therapy had not resolved. Diane helped me to completely reframe my goals, expose the core underlying beliefs I was holding, and then reset those. Just like someone else commented I feel as if I have been re-born. She is hugely knowledgeable, able to deploy a wide-range analytical and interventional techniques, and she is a total professional – I would not hesitate in recommending her (and NLP/Hypnotherapy) to any of my friends, family, and colleagues.”
Paul WS
“I’ve had a complete turnaround since my sessions with Diane! Before working with Diane, I’d completely lost my mojo, was unclear about my direction and was generally feeling a bit lost. Not ideal as a business owner! I attended a Breakthrough day, and follow-on sessions to discover Life Purpose and also Goal Setting. People around me can already see the difference it’s made! My new goals are set, I know exactly what I’m working towards and I’ve got my drive and determination back! Thanks Diane x”
I have seen many so called top experts in my time. But Diane is worlds apart. If your looking for change, self improvement or wanting to get rid of phobias Call her. It will be without a doubt the best investment of your life. I have referred 4 people now all with exceptional results. I use Diane for corporate and individual coaching and running a large multi million pound company without a doubt one of the biggest assets Is have is Diane’s number. My son had a fear of flying infant the last 5 years was sick multiple times when going in holiday. A 30 minute Skype call with Diane and my son flew back all on his own.
M. Shephard
” if you are ready to start living your life free of fear, anxiety or whatever it is that is holding you back, this is the treatment for you. I have been tested many times since the sessions, some on large scale some on a smaller scale and I can honestly, hand on heart say, that my anxiety has truly gone, my confidence and self esteem is through the roof, I am carrying myself differently and will not allow people to cross my boundaries – the responses from others has been really eye opening too. My husband is now booked in for the same break through session as he is loving the results, my kids are buzzing off it too and think mummy is really funny because life just seems so much fun now! If you want change and you’re ready for what the world has in store for you – do it!! Thanks Diane – you have truly changed my life!”
J Strachan
“Diane is direct and no messing, which some may not like, but for me it was absolutely perfect. Diane is also genuine, passionate and 100% behind you to get you to where you want to be. I completed the full day breakthrough session, it was intense, challenging and at times very emotional. I arrived crippled with anxiety, low confidence and self esteem, which was impacting every aspect of my life, I felt trapped, a little hopeless and debilitated. I walked out of Diane’s office feeling amazing, excited about my future and free of all my limiting beliefs.”
J Strachan
Hi Diane just want to say a massive thank you for my Breakthrough session yesterday, today has been a completely new day for me I woke up feeling energetic and been amazing at work 🤗 really can’t wait to see what the future holds for me now x thank you so much.
Jason W

Are You Ready To Feel More In Control?


Is The Breakthrough Right For Me?

YES – It’s All In A Day’s Work!

The Breakthrough is healing a ‘root cause’ to all of the symptoms you don’t want (anxiety for example, is a symptom – NOT the real problem btw, which many therapists either don’t realise or won’t tell you). We use the full day to get to the bottom of it all and target the healing there, and the results can be life changing. You also receive two coaching sessions afterwards because we get so used to the problem it almost becomes part of our identity so it’s very important to face forwards with a fresh new outlook knowing who we now are in the absence of that old problem.

In over 14 years as a therapist this is the program for stubborn deep issues with multiple symptoms. The Breakthrough is excellent (but not limited to) the following life areas of concern and issues. If in doubt – please ask me and book a free Zoom meeting with me.

Below are examples of what clients have used the Breakthrough for, which often include extreme emotional problems and behavioural concerns. However, please note that the full day intensive and structure can also be used  redesigning your future, relationships, career changes and removing blocks to success and confidence in general with amazing results.

  • OCD – Obsessive and compulsive habits including
    • Addictions
      • Cocaine addiction
      • Over use of alcohol
      • Sex addiction
      • Food addiction and misuse (including emotional eating)
      • Addictive thoughts and behaviours
  • Anxiety (chronic and persistent anxiety).
    • Panic attacks
    • long term anxious ‘personality’
    • Catastrophising
    • Extreme avoidant behaviour
  • Anger (longer held and multiple emotions, often many different emotions held over long periods of time on many memories and situations)
    • Rage
    • Shame
    • Resentments
    • Hurt
    • Guilt
    • Extreme Jealousy and feelings of revenge
  • Deep Sadness and Grief
    • Loss including Job, Relationship, loved one.
    • Bereavements especially held long after the event.
  • Fears and Phobias – that have proven difficult to treat with other methods.
  • Career
    • Seeking New Direction and discovering your life purpose
    • Dissatisfaction with career and feeling lost
    • Overwhelm and ‘Imposter Syndrome’
    • Public Speaking Fear
    • Feeling Stuck
  • Relationships
    • Relationship breakup pain and hurt
    • Trauma and abuse
    • Narcissistic and empath bond
    • Designing a new approach to relationships
    • Patterns of unsuitable partners
    • Removing energetic bonds and ties and difficult to treat connections.
    • Couples Breakthroughs
  • Family
    • Difficulty conceiving
    • Historic family abuse and issues
  • Health and Fitness
    • Ill health – Breakthrough of healing
    • Weightloss and emotional eating
    • Compulsive eating and misuse
    • Fitness goals and eliminating bad habits and bahviours
  • Mindset
    • Removing unwanted negative and limiting self beliefs (e.g.)
      • feeling unworthy
      • feeling not good enough
      • feeling small
      • feeling invisible
      • feeling unwanted and unloved
      • feeling alone
      • feeling weak
    • Creating new habits and mindset at the deepest levels
  • Spirituality
    • Feeling disconnected
    • Feeling unloved
    • Seeking connection to source and realignment to who you really are
    • Understanding past history and life path

How Does It Work?

It work’s because you will finally be working on what has been causing it all rather than trying to just remove symptoms. As therapists I really wish we would stop demonising anxiety and stress. I want you to think of anxiety as your house smoke alarm!

When your alarm goes off, you check why it’s going off – check whether you are burning toast! If you keep thwacking the smoke alarm’ to silent, it will eventually come back on again as the burning toast hasn’t been dealt with…much like most anxiety solutions out there (including medication which masks the root issues). 

We want to use the alarm to guide us to what your amazing system is warning you about, which is stored and running like a program at a much deeper level. You may have learned it at such a young age you no longer remember. Sometimes it ‘codes‘ without any conscious awareness which is also why talking about it in talking therapy situations is often redundant. Talking about how bad you feel is not putting you in a solution mindset which the brain needs to heal and create a new program.

I talk to this part of you that is running it. The unconscious mind. It loves you and it knows everything about you and your problem and also how to fix it. It’s your inner genius. You will connect to that deeper level and realise you can work with it and make hugely positive changes, if you wish to. 

This is also why the process is so very empowering – it is YOU that works with that deeper part of you, working alongside me as your experienced guide – and together we heal the root cause of the problem with the very system that has been alerting you, your amazing unconscious mind.

Your unconscious mind is also very efficient and genuinely doesn’t want to run any program that wastes energy. It takes a LOT of energy to run anxiety issues and stress. It does so because of how important it is to get your attention to what it’s alerting you to which is why it’s been trying so hard to warn you. We really should listen to it. Once it has created an alternative and once you have healed the problem – there is no need for the alarm and the symptoms no longer need to be on high alert. Makes sense doesn’t it!

It works well because we work as a team together.

I am on your side the whole way and support you throughout your change – guiding you every step of the process. Providing you go with the process, trust it and are willing and wanting to make all the necessary learnings and changes, you can expect excellent – often life changing results.

It is structured to work.

It turns out, that drip-feeding change once a week, as the well known ‘talking therapy’ model uses, does not work when it comes to consistent and reliable healing. This is not to disparage that work, this is from observations in my own life and challenges and those of all my clients who have trod that well worn path before finding their way to my office. Talking only – rarely, reliably ‘transforms’ and heals at the level clients will walk out feeling healed. Sometimes actions are better than words.

This process is some talking and lots of action based work. Our unconscious minds are the parts of us running all the problem and storing it so it makes sense to direct the work and therapy at the unconscious mind rather than the talking and thinking part of us.

Our mind loves evidence and loves learning new things rapidly. This model works with those facts the enable the unconscious mind do wjat it does best – heal itself and function optimally.  This is why the bulk of the program is a full day working together taking action to heal at the root cause of the issue, working steadily and providing lots of supportive reasons to make this change to the part of you that has been holding onto it all for so long, ready to replace it with positive new ways and behaviours from within you. It is a natural, ethical and deeply satisfying process.

We create a safe space

A safe space is one where you can fully relax and feel totally ok talking and looking at otherwise difficult topics. Feeling safe, secure and held in a place where you are not judged and supported in your journey to healing. I create a ‘safe container’ and the  therapy room for your breakthrough is carefully chosen within a frame of working that is designed to support you all the way.

Where Does It Happen?

You have options. I will work with you face to face. This can be in central London, in Marylebone at my lovely and comfy therapy room. In central Manchester in a wonderful hotel location I use, or if you would like me to come to you and a hotel near you, that can of course be arranged at the reasonable additional travel and room cost it takes to enable this to happen for your convenience. This also applies to overseas face-to-face Breakthroughs programs.

ONLINE – I also offer an online version via video zoom calls, which works so well it can change the lives of my overseas clients and those who will struggle to travel. Please note I have a professional camera set up and microphone for you to experience clarity and a great experience. When clients can’t see me face to face in person, this is the next best option. I will alter the structure accordingly and it works powerfully well!

We will discuss this in a free consultation chat.  This also allows me to offer the Breakthrough at a reduced rate to overseas clients. Please contact me for more details.

Will It Work For Me? Does It Work For Everyone?

This is a really important question. Yes – providing you want to and are ready to change what has been causing your problem. For this reason, interestingly it doesn’t work for everyone if they refuse to release and let something go that has been causing all the symptoms – and I cannot/will not force anyone to change. We have a powerful free will and we are all in charge of our own mind and will.

It is a guided process and invitation to change with skill and techniques that make this very easy for you. The choice to change is ultimately yours. It is rare but does happen that sometimes clients at a deep level don’t think it’s the time to release the problem. Over 95% of clients do though however and it’s and privilege and and  amazing thing to be part of that process. I love seeing the happy faces and the beaming messages of joy the following days after the breakthrough. I hope that is the result for you too!

The Structure of the program AND methods work together!

I have trained in many highly effective therapeutic methods over my career. What makes my breakthrough stand apart is how I structure the program and how it is bespoke to the person I work with to get the best results for YOU.  Some people work better with one method as opposed to another but they all fall under the same structured approach to getting to and healing the root cause and rebuilding your confidence from within.

For those interested in what I typically use in any combination:

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Conversational Change
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Havening (neuroscience method and psycho sensory technique)
  • Thought Field Therapy
  • Reflective Re-patterning
  • NLP Coaching and Goal Setting (for the coaching sessions to follow the full day)
  • Sound healing
  • Energy Healing and ‘Inner Dialoguing’ – spiritual healing, working with guides, energies and higher self – this is specific only to the client requesting this work and in relation to what we are working on in the session.
  • Kinesiology and muscle testing
  • Audio downloads and supportive material.

Will I get a refund if it doesn’t work?

Well, remember the structure and the methods work when you let them work and work with me without resisting. That’s about 95% of cases. So the determining factor is down to you. I will give you an amazing program and opportunity to make incredible lifestyle changes and I will show up with 100% effort and all my tool box of skills. For this reason, I don’t offer refunds for the program. It is always ultimately your deepest choice and motivation to release your own problem, to learn and be engaged in the process fully and not expect anyone to magic the problem away for you – although some of the processes can feel like magic, you are always the one in the control seat. There are however refunds for anyone changing their minds up to 3 days prior to the process minus the deposit (which funds the administration fees, consultation and venue fee).

Do I need to bring anything with me or do anything beforehand?

I will ask you to fill in a pre-session questionnaire that provides me with a lot of additional details about the history of your symptoms and problem.  If it’s an addiction for example, I may require you to send a short diary of the habit so I can learn more about your experiences.

I provide water and refreshments and wear loose layers and really comfortable clothing. Bring a notepad and pen to make any notes you may wish to make. Otherwise everything is provided for you on the day!

This is a life changing process and beyond the breakthrough, there are also coaching options of 3 and 6 months to really bring your life into alignment following the removal of blocks and emotional issues.

Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Yes because you are naturally in and out of trance most of the day, it is used to access the part of you that runs your habits and behaviours and stores your emotions , memories and history. You are amazing and when you learn to work with your unconscious mind, you will achieve wonderful things, not limited to healing, your unconscious mind motivates you and works unconsciously to achieve your goals for you!


Relationship Breakthough

Love can be exhilarating, grounding, and comforting – but when you don’t know how to overcome your emotional blocks that stem from painful trauma or past sadness, this love can turn into toxicity, co-dependency, and anxious attachments. My professional Relationship hypnotherapy Breakthrough Program will help you work on your self-love, your self-worth in and out of relationships, and your perspective of healthy, secure relationships going forward.

We can often attract the same partner patterns again and again. The alternative is often feeling stuck in a relationship you fear leaving or fear being alone and crave a relationship. Underneath these fears and triggers are issues that the Breakthrough seeks to thoroughly resolve in a testable, amazingly healing way in this 1:1 intensive.


I also work with couples looking to resolve issues, heal, bond, rediscover that initial spark and more. Discovering your block, unconscious languages such as your love language, relationship and sex values and what each other truly needs from the relationship. This can reignite vitality for a healthy evolving relationship that gets better as it grows.

Family Breakthrough

Family Breakthrough

Whether you’re dealing with generational trauma and familial stress – or you’re feeling anxious or uncertain of whether you want to start a family of your own – my professional NLP hypnotherapy Family Breakthrough Program could be the key to healing, growing, and embracing healthier mindsets and habits within your family.

I often work successfully with clients seeking to start a family who are having issues and wish to look deeper at an unconscious level.

It could be that members of the family seek harmonious intervention and the Breakthrough for the family requires a structured, emotionally healing approach. The process even at an individual level, seeks to help you heal in a way you may have never experienced before in all aspects of what ‘family’ means to you. Its structure, the values, the emotional triggers, past traumas, and to emerge the other side feeling grounded, positive, healed and deeply contented. I promote empowerment for my clients and when families empower each other, its can be hugely beneficial to all.

Career Breakthrough

Are you facing self-doubt and imposter syndrome? Do you need to deal with the constant stress of running a business in uncertain times? Is your current job out of alignment with who you truly feel you are?

The career and you chosen place and line of work is directly related to your perceived value. This is often a fantastic reset on not just your career area of your life, but your sense of self worth, your offering and talents and really aligning to your purpose and direction in life.

My professional hypnotherapy Career Breakthrough program, can help you not only remove the root of those feelings of inadequacy, low self esteem, overwhelm or stuck state, but also give you the self-awareness you need to create and maintain healthier, more positive behaviours, actions and internal self dialogue.

Health and Fitness Breakthrough

Emotional Eaters step this way. This is the program for you.

Emotion drives behaviour and motivates us deeply. This Health Breakthrough program heals the emotional drives that underpin those compelling eating habits and lack of self love in a compassionate and healing process of huge positive change.

The way we nourish our bodies has a huge impact on our minds. The way we think about ourselves influences how we unconsciously treat our bodies. It’s intrinsically linked. It’s less about loss os a food type or group, or of ‘fat loss’ and more about what it is you wish to gain for yourself – be it lean body and mind, energy, health, vitality. Is it more confidence? A better muscle tone and look? More self esteem?

We face obstacles in our lives, we feel stressed, and we react by binging, restricting or battling with food or more extreme OCD-related eating habits. By tapping into the place where all the drivers and programs are to all of this, your ‘unconscious mind’, we can work together to treat the root cause of why you react the way that we do – and change it for life. Once the unconscious has a new positive way to be on a foundation of self esteem, there’s no going back. It’s an amazing foundation of self love and then all the resulting behaviours from that. A breakthrough program is highly recommended and popular. 

The two coaching catch up sessions support coaching you through new positive changes and goals, ensuring you feel great and are motivated knowing exactly what to do next!

Personal Growth & Development Breakthrough

Self-love and deep self-connection is the focus of this Breakthrough Intensive. For your personal growth and development mirroring our shadow elements and unseen is essential. It’s hard to ‘look in our own blindspot’ – so this intensive work focusses on what we see the results of in patterns in our lives, whet is reflected back at us that makes us uncomfortable and going inside to do the deeper inner-work

Choosing to put yourself and your own growth first is an incredible feat, but it could also feel unsure when you don’t know how to start or where to go from there. With the support of an experienced hypnotherapist like myself, who also combines spirituality, NLP, guided meditations and many other supportive methods of change,  you can start breaking negative habits, learn how to stop procrastinating, and level up to a state of being. A new calm, a new mind and a positive onset that will enable you to handle much more in your personal and professional life.  

Spirituality Breakthrough

The deep work. Often booked by clients who have worked with me previously and felt the benefits, of those really appreciating that we are more than a physical body and seek to understand ourselves at a deeper level.


Whilst spirituality is not religion, the very ides of reaching for our inner world can trigger us and the healing of past emotions and beliefs is a focus on the Spiritual Breakthrough. In this process, we look at life purpose in a different way. We access your deeper levels, heart centre, chakras and energy system. I introcuce you to new ways to connect to ‘self’. I offer you a healing journey that is epigenetic and ancestral as well as past life healing.

While a professional NLP hypnotherapy session might not be a spiritual experience for everyone, it could be for you with this approach. If you’d like to reconnect with your higher self, higher purpose, and healthier state of being, then I’d be honoured to guide and accompany you on your journey towards enlightenment. Connect at a deeper level and go beyond with this work.

My Own Struggles Helped Me Develop This Process.

Watch my story, from chronic anxiety sufferer, to calm and resilient confidence – plus ,  more client perspectives on the work and my approach that you may find useful.


What’s included in your Breakthrough? A Full Day Of Healing + 2 Coaching Sessions +Hypnotic and Instructive Audios To Help You Goal Set, Structure Your Life and Move Forwards in the Absence of The Problem.

  • Free Consultation – Video Call on Zoom or Phone (Your choice)

  • Full Day Intensive 1:1 Working on the Root Cause, healing emotions and realigning your forwards.

  • 2x Follow up Coaching Video Calls

  • Free Suite of Coaching Video and or Audios (depending on your needs) To Support Your Process

  • Contact Support With Me Throughout The Process To Ask Any Questions

Step By Step –

1. Get in Touch With Me Today! Let’s begin…

Step 1: Book A Discovery Call and Zoom Consultation To Chat it all Over.

If you’re nervous or curious as to whether a Breakthrough session is the right for your current situation, I encourage you to talk it over with me – I may offer a more suitable approach if I don’t think the Breakthrough would suit the issue you want to resolve. I’d be happy to walk you through the program and options.

Step 2: Fill In The Online Confidential Form

You will be asked to complete an intake form and begin the process.

Step 3: Pay Your Deposit

Pay a 20% non-refundable deposit. This begins the process and administration, booking of process and I study your pre-session questionnaire.

Step 4: Pay the Remainder 3 Days Before

This is now the deadline for paying the remainder and you are now set for an amazing transformational experience. Full details of the venue will have been sent to you and we will have spoken in more detail. Sleep well and have a good breakfast to fuel your morning and we will begin working together as a team towards healing the problem.


What is your life transformation worth to you? What has this issue cost you in the past financially as well as emotionally or even physically? Some people spend more on their car maintenance than they do on their mental health. So with your health and wellbeing in focus, what is a healthy functioning worth to you and what would you pay to achieve this is as little as a day? This is your emotional, psychological service and you are worth it!

The Investment in yourself of the Full Intensive Program of work is currently only £1700. All the terms are available on this site HERE