Break-Through All Day Intensive

Break-Through sessions are my intensive all-day option for those clients wanting to focus efforts on resolutions in the least time. They focus on root casue and the removal of the cause of your presenting problems. Using in depth discussion prior to and at the beginning of the session plus some tasking before the session for you to begin the process, we work together towards getting you the result.

Perfect for those with stubborn issues or those clients who want a direct method rather than a weekly drip-feed of attention. This is not counselling, psychotherapy or talking therapy. It is NLP Hypnosis and change work at it’s most intensive. Clients believing it takes longer or wanting a softer, longer approach please avoid, I have other approaches more suitable. This hits the nail on the head and intends to help you sort the issue out with my flexible army of skills, experience and no-nonsense application though it is going to be ultimately up to you to follow the instructions and finally let go of the problem. It’s all about the teamwork between therapist and client. If you can follow instructions, want to work in a fun and directly targeted way and also definitely want to get rid of your problem then this is for you!

The structured and private therapy experience is available in either central London WC1 or in the Manchester City Centre office.


What is a Break-Through Intensive?

Your issues that are holding you back are in focus – All Day with me. Using my skills in a focussed all day event on your positive intentions we work for your fastest resolution.

We spend the day focussing on you.

Sometimes focussing on that ultimate block that is stopping you from moving forward can require deeper questioning and interventions that require much more time than a conventional session and also benefit from working over the course of a day together. That’s the Breakthrough.

This is a directed and targeted approach, which is NLP based utilising interventions that include Hypnosis, Havening, sometimes energy work and TFT. It is for clients who intend on achieving their goals and are willing to push through to get the results. I can be quite intensive if you struggle to let go of the problem so its recommended for those ready to go for it and break through what is holding you back.

For that reason – it is teamwork and active rather than a passive model of traditional couch therapy. This is on your feet active as well as lots of talk, solution finding and goal setting.

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Intensive Session are good for the following check list below.  Please note the recent review of an all-day intensive from Google reviews on Google for business.

  • Coaching
  • The removal of negativity and negative self-beliefs that are limiting your progress in life
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Hurt
  • Guilt
  • Traumatic Memories
  • Specific health concern