Break-Through All Day Intensive

Break-Through sessions are intensive all-day option for those clients wanting to focus efforts on resolutions of the ultimate block and issue in their life that’s preventing you from moving forwards and we focus attention on this issue to help you resolve it in the least time.

The Breakthrough program is unique in that its not a ‘life solve all’ it’s a breaking through of your difficult to articulate emotional and traumatic blocks that are impacting on your life, relationships and business and focus on the root cause of what’s happening.

This is only for the committed. Perfect for entrepreneurs who are tight on time and are in stuck state and emotionally bound by life issues. Perfect for those who are sick of their emotional binds and issues and are at threshold now and this stuff needs to go! Then I am for you and this program is perfect.

It’s all about the teamwork between therapist and client. If you can follow instructions that will guide you, you are committed to getting the outcome by the end of the day then you have my tool kit at your disposal and a structured program to help you get there!


What is a Break-Through Intensive?

Your threshold has been reached and you want to break through whats bonding and blocking you! You want freedoms, motivation and energy back. You want your authentic self back!

We spend the day focussing on you.

Sometimes focussing on that ultimate block that is stopping you from moving forward can require deeper questioning and interventions that require much more time than a conventional session and also benefit from working over the course of a day together. That’s the Breakthrough.

This is a directed and targeted approach, which is NLP based utilising interventions that include Hypnosis, Havening, sometimes energy work and TFT. It is for clients who intend on achieving their goals and are willing to push through to get the results.

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Intensive Session are good for the following check list below.  Please note the recent review of an all-day intensive from Google reviews on Google for business.

  • Coaching
  • The removal of negativity and negative self-beliefs that are limiting your progress in life
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Hurt
  • Guilt
  • Traumatic Memories
  • Specific health concern