Integrity to Self – The Actor and The Trance State!

Integrity to Self – The Actor and the Trance State! How can an actor retain an emotionally and energetically healthy state in both mind and body AND play an intense role nightly on stage or on camera? Want to know how, then read on. I am developing ways of performing and protecting for actors. It’s important to stay true to oneself. Some actors want to give ‘everything’ to a role only to sometimes feel exhausted afterwards. I have a unique therapist view on the subject of Acting and Performing because I’m both a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and TFT Master Practitioner practising in both Manchester and London. I am also a RADA trained actress […]

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Eating Right For your Body Type

Eating For You Body Type! Eat more of the foods that are good for you and eliminate those that aren't. See your body differently at a cellular level. The interesting articles on the Eat Right For Your Type website, give an insight into the extensive scientific research and known but [...]

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Does Hypnotherapy Work ?

Does hypnotherapy work? Gone are the days when hypnotists are seen to use pendulums and other devices to put the subject into a sleep-like state. Modern trance is safe where the client is in a state of narrowed attention and heightened awareness, focussing on the therapist’s voice. The conscious mind is relaxed and the sub-conscious mind is revealed when in this light trance state, but it’s a surprise to many clients who expect an old-fashioned approach. Many clients believe that Hypnosis requires them to be asleep or in such a deep trance that they are not in control. The opposite is true for therapeutic purposes. […]

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EFT Therapy in Manchester

I was recently asked about the difference between TFT -Thought Field Therapy and EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, Manchester Therapists like me, are using to help clients with emotional negativity and trauma. As a top TFT Therapist trained to TFT-VT level in the UK which is recognised by the BTFTA as TF-Master Practitioner, and also a wide knowledge of EFT, I have a strong perspective on the usability and effectiveness of both disciplines. The truth is that I use both. I use different techniques for my clients according to the circumstances, situation (Skype sessions, phone sessions or in person), and also according to what the client brings to me. […]

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Stress Holiday – The Still point

The Still Point! What is it? The still point is that magical moment between the breath that seems to dissolve stress and polarity and bring us to a different realm. As a Havening therapist, Voice Technology TFT therapist and Hypnotherapist I am always seeking the most wonderful ways clients can achieve relaxation at home. […]

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TFT EFT Tapping Therapy

TFT, EFT Tapping Therapy EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique or TFT (Thought Field Therapy) an increasingly popular therapy- the original ‘Tapping’ therapy discipline. It’s is a new psychosensory therapy developed by Dr Roger Callahan in the United States, used by therapist and hypnotist Diane Beck at Health-Success in central London and Manchester. It’s aim is to release and shift energy blockages in your energy channels which can relieve emotional load and responses. […]

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The Emotional Bucket!

As an NLP Therapist based in Manchester using Hypnotherapy and TFT (otherwise known as EFT), I’m often asked how the lesser known TFT and EFT can be used in my practice in Manchester and over Skype. The answer is – very effectively and easily, not just for me but for my clients to use at home on themselves. Ever raised you hand to your head and said the words ‘I’ve had it up to here!’. That, right there, is your emotional bucket full – take on any more and it will overflow, become unbearable and usually means tears, rages or outbursts or worse. […]

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What are Phobias?

Phobias Phobias are Fight and Flight Responses learnt behaviour responses to something that happened in the past – ‘protecting’ you in the present or future. A lot of people think that having a limiting belief like a phobia is untreatable. And a phobia is a limiting belief (imagine life without it – suddenly limits have been removes and there might feel like there is a momentum) So why let it stop you? Thinking commonly -that it will ‘go away eventually’, or that it is something to suffer for the rest of their life and you have ‘to live with it’ is not the case at all. Phobias can be fully treated and the mind can understand new better and healthier ways to perceive something all the time – it’s what we do naturally so allowing a therapist to help guide you to this new learning and understanding and experiencing new therapies like Havening will help rid you of it for good. […]

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