December 25th 2021

I have a gift for you.

I wanted to create a gift for you that gives you true joy for the holiday season and you’ll find it on the audio link below.

I love Christmas because I love to give gifts. I’m one of those people that really muses over what someone really wants to receive and hope to get it right. It’s all about gifting for me this season and i have a gift for all of you.

As a collective group of valued beautiful people, be you my client or a curious subscriber, the word that kept coming up for me when I connected, was Joy!

A little note to end out the year. I know a lot of you have had it very tough. We thought 2020 was a tricky year, however this one proved very testing for many.

Like a lot of clients, this has been a tough and one for me personally. It has been one of profound changes and included a steady list of the biggest tests I’ve received in many a year. I trust and hope you are doing OK. I am right there with you. Like many people, for a variety of family reasons, I am spending it alone this year with a fridge full of personal favourites and friends and family ready on zoom. So if you are alone – you really are not alone in that. It’s not easy. We’ll get through it together.

Some of my clients are with family having particularly tough times or are embarking on relationship changes, career moves and uncertain times ahead. Community and togetherness is very much where I think we will begin to focus in 2022. We may be feeling tugs of division, which only serves to highlight the polarity of that and can have the strengthening effect of highlighting where we can improve bonds and community.

Which brings me to community. A huge theme for 2022!

I began the solstice season with a recent event at a studio in Cheshire, (northern UK for those of you overseas.) We had a Winter Solstice meditation evening for the local community when I worked with the local community of people to bring inner light into the heart and heal the body using my hypnosis and guided meditation.

I will be hosting more of those healing and guidance events in 2022 and sending them out over Zoom for those of you in my community who are unable to attend in person. Look out for announcements on those in the near future!

So, to the gift. I have been busy off my social media and neglecting my emails for a while now, creating audios and videos (more on that in the new year on my platform!)

One of these special guided meditation audios has been road-tested on a few willing clients in the last two weeks and is an absolute favourite. It is my ‘Joy meditation’.

I’ll be offering some previews, downloads, and other events to engage you with in the coming year (… and introduce you to my new therapy and coaching membership platform. 🤩 shhhhh)

So settle back and turn the phone to ‘silent’. Get your headphones out and let this guided mediation help you align to your inner joy. It is part of an upcoming series I am releasing for goal achievement in 2022. I hope you enjoy.


Happy Holidays


Love and Joy from Diane


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