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Diane Beck is a Hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner, founder of Health-Success London and Manchester. Following success as an actress in TV, Stage and Film, Diane discovered a passion for Hypnosis and NLP and Health-Success was born.

Positive Therapy to change Negativity

Switching Negativity for Positivity is a key to success in your health and achieving your goals! NLP and Hypnosis can help you achieve this effectively in as little as one session. I provide NLP Hypnosis for clients wanting to improve their lives using therapy techniques that really work. If you cloud your mind with a negative background loop of beliefs and thoughts either your own or those spoken by another that you’ve chosen to listen to, it can be a difficult loop to stop. I can help eradicate negative belief systems, thoughts and patterns. […]

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Weight Loss Attempts Affected by Sleep

Weight Loss and weight management can also be traced back to bad sleep patterns amongst other causes; it’s all about balance! Insomnia can also be affecting  body ‘Management’ if you are trying to lose weight and not achieving it – your sleep patterns could well be contributing to it! Anxiety […]

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TFT Meridian Techniques to Help You Now

Want to QUICKLY effectively eliminate stress or negative emotions? Meridian Techniques – There are new applications that are quick, simple and can take minutes to work (or if you want to go longer take some time out and have a true clearing out) So – as an example (and this can be applied to a pain, an ache, and state, an emotion, a fear) […]

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Panic & Anxiety cannot be successfully treated alone!

Panic & Anxiety cannot be successfully treated on its own ! Ask most therapists to treat you and they will happily use Hypnosis or NLP as I do, or any other modality of yours or their choosing to treat one of the most common complaints to therapists in the UK. Anxiety and Panic. They will probably have a lot of experience treating it, nearly every client is anxious about something relating to the issue – maybe anxious it’s never going to get better, or worried that they will be thought of a particular way , panicking about money, their job, their future, family, their situation..the list goes on. However, without treating the opposite, no matter how thorough the initial treatment on the issue, it seems now that it can be ‘recreated’ if there is polarity pull in the opposite…people can have a problem with being calm, or relaxed if the anxiety is serving a protective purpose so there is a resistance to the opposite of anxiety and that must be treated!… […]

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Modern Therapies for 2014!

Diane Beck, Therapist and blogger explains why modern therapies like RR and Havening are the new secret weapons for the shred therapist to eliminating upset and heal polarity and trauma. Reflective Repatterning is a modern therapy for a generation of stressed out, time-poor folk like myself who want results fast. Fortunately people are shifting from the idea that therapy requires you sit on a comfy chair with a therapist whom you visit weekly for a foreseeable future. Nowadays change happens fast, which suits us. We are more discerning and demanding […]

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Laser Therapy and Great Results!

Good results with the laser! I experimented with the laser therapy and light donation with great results. Having been diagnosed recently with an old issue along side NLP and Hypnosis that I use with my clients in Manchester and London. I was pleased to learn at hospital today that they could find no trace of it. I’m going to continue to experiment using light over the tailbone to ensure it’s pushed out of the body. An experimental use with the hand held unit that contains red light, infrared light and violet diodes I tried different settings and for different time periods. […]

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Hypnotherapist in Manchester and London Treating Compulsive behaviours

Diane Beck- Therapist using modern techniques for compulsive behaviour patterns and diagnosed OCD. If you are affected by this, please read my OCD page and contact me for more information. I treat clients in Manchester and London and although this condition is often seen as difficult to treat, I have found success with my clients […]

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Toxin Clearing for Weightloss

Clearing Toxins to help weight management and obtain better health. It’s very interesting how, when using VT techniques to ascertain energy toxins in foods, you can identify them, eliminate them from your diet and watch as weightloss is easier. […]

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‘Laughter is the best medicine!’ Is it true?

‘Laughter is the best medicine!’ We’ve all heard that quoted. Laughter is good for you. Fact. It can also change the way you perceive something. Laughing and finding humour in fears can change the reaction to it permanently […]

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Integrity to Self – The Actor and The Trance State!

Integrity to Self – The Actor and the Trance State! How can an actor retain an emotionally and energetically healthy state in both mind and body AND play an intense role nightly on stage or on camera? Want to know how, then read on. I am developing ways of performing and protecting for actors. It’s important to stay true to oneself. Some actors want to give ‘everything’ to a role only to sometimes feel exhausted afterwards. I have a unique therapist view on the subject of Acting and Performing because I’m both a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and TFT Master Practitioner practising in both Manchester and London. I am also a RADA trained actress […]

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