About Diane

Diane Beck is a Hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner, founder of Health-Success London and Manchester. Following success as an actress in TV, Stage and Film, Diane discovered a passion for Hypnosis and NLP and Health-Success was born.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Overwhelm is a classic case of generalisation theme juggling, which spins a lot of detail and emotion around so it's like being in the eye of a huge storm.

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Panic Attacks. Take Action as the observer and friend!

The hypnotherapist rules for control when someone panics! By Diane Beck NLP Master Practitioner, Coach and Hypnotherapist. You walk into the bathroom at work and a colleague is struggling...they’re hyperventilating, look sweaty, are pacing or frozen and seek immediate assistance. What to do when you encounter Panic Attacks! Helping [...]

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Trainings and Presenting

How Training and Presenting defined my year in business for 2017! What a year. 2017 was the year of presenting and training for me in business as I moved out of the Hypnotist chair back onto the stage, this time sharing secrets and skills as a presenter and trainer and [...]

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Why a Success Coach Is The Answer!

For many people picking a success coach is a daunting task so I took the time to guide you through the do's and be wary of's that I would give to any friend.   As a success coach myself I also benefit from coaching. Even the likes of [...]

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Hypnosis and Obsessions Therapy

Obsessions and Why Hypnosis and NLP May Help You Would you like to learn new coping strategies and reduction in symptoms for Compulsive Obsessions? It may be possible for you to reduce the symptoms till they are no longer noticeable, even reduce and eliminate resulting negative emotions. I use modern therapy approaches [...]

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Stage Fright Therapy Blog and Testimonial

Stage fright therapy and anxiety are common with actors at various stages of their career. Does it affect you? Whether waiting in the wings for Press Night, before a show or when family or 'special' industry folk are in the audience Stage fright can get an actor. Stage fright therapy [...]

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THE Christmas Diet and Health Plan

Christmas Diet and Health Plan - How to have your cake and eat it! Plan now for waistline later! Simple easy to follow steps to avoid putting on weight over the Christmas holiday period. If you make some subtle changes now, you can enjoy less stress and are less likely to [...]

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Anxiety Therapy and Panic Cures

Anxiety Therapy Cures, Why We Want Them & Why Hypnosis Works! Anxiety therapy is needed now more than ever. Hypnosis for Anxiety and Why It's The Best Therapy.  We are busy and our communication with a wider world means events happening outside our normal circle of experience can effect [...]

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8 Covert Ways to Improve Your Relationship

8 Covert Ways to Improve Your Relationship A relationship deserves the right kind of attention! It’s all in the language and not just about lacking the language of love… This is about the communicating of a message cause we all have times when what we say doesn’t register, look like it’s [...]

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Influence a First Impression – The Instant ‘PIER’ Formula!

Influence a First Impression of You Want to learn how to influence people? The Instant Formula is a recipe of just 4 vital ingredients. Build the PIER towards the other person using Posture, Energy, Intent, and Rapport.  Follow the 7 easy steps and it could change your life! People make judgements [...]

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