Anger Therapy and Hypnosis

Call today for a FREE phone consultation to discuss how we can help you eliminate negative emotions and unwanted emotional responses naturally and safely. Highly trained and experienced therapist Diane Beck is a CNHC, NCH Registered Hypnotherapist and the founder of Health-Success in Central Manchester also providing hypnotherapy in Central London. Diane regularly treats people experiencing symptoms of anger and unwanted negative emotional responses for lasting positive changes.

Reduce the emotional response naturally and safely.

Anger as an emotion is useful and is not only often protective at the time, its can be a physical experience so uncomfortable for a client and can often cause disproportionate reactions that are upsetting to you. Modern therapy techniques are quick to eliminate anger and it’s symptoms leading to a healthy balance and peace of mind.

Anger can be an understandable reaction to a traumatic event in the past or a situation you are currently experiencing. Using new techniques I can show you ways to eliminate these charged feelings today and also give you some self help tools that you can use for yourself in the future when life throws us challenges.

Call me today or use the form on this page to claim your free 30 minute consultation and discuss your situation in more detail. I’m here to help you overcome anger and rage and move on to a more peaceful or beneficial outcome.

Anger Issues and Rage are issues that can be successfully treated using modern therapy techniques in the same way other issues are dealt with. As strongly charged emotions they are reactions to situations, circumstances, memories of the past and are often protective.

At Health Success you are in safe hands to work on strongly felt issues.

There may be anger you experience about the past or current events that might be affecting you and your life in many different ways. This could also be contributing to health factors. Is now the time to let that go, make personal gains and move forward into improved positivity? Only you can decide that.

So how does it work?

Using a combination of what I consider to be the best, modern techniques in therapy we learn more about you. What and why this is happening so that not only symptoms of anger are relaxed, the driving force behind why is also resolved deeply.  I have helped many people overcome their anger, hurt, upset and rage towards a neutral place of calm and their chosen balanced emotional state.  This allows for future angers to be proportionate to that event without the backlog of old ‘anger’ and unresolved issues. I will also offer you a learning experience to take some great tools with you that you can use on yourself and perhaps even help others, to overcome, release and stabilise your emotional state in the future as we encounter things in life.

As a registered hypnotherapist, I use numerous therapeutic disciplines like NLP, along with effective Hypnosis, TFT (EFT meridian therapy), Havening (made recently famous by Paul McKenna) and Reflective Repatterning and more, that when used in your tailored combination, allows us to achieve the best result quicker. These therapies are natural, safe, using the bodies own pressure points and abilities in the case of TFT, and the body’s natural responses as in Havening – an amygdala depotensiation therapy. Together, you can expect to feel better sooner.

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