Actors and Stage Fright Therapy 

Stage Fright – the fear of being on stage is common amongst actors and performers.

It is even common amongst those people now required to speak on behalf of their company to peers effectively under pressure. The emotions most associated with stage fright is fear and anxiety. Chances are, you learnt how to be afraid from previous experience. You may now have a negative assumption about yourself or the outcome. All of this can be positively changed.

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You are at your most creative when you are relaxed and having fun?

You are not required to feel any amount of nerves for an performance to have energy! If you experience stage fright and anxiety – whatever that means to you about your current situation – know that you can change it.

Anxiety can feel overwhelming and really can begin to affect your career and outlook. It often feels  inevitable or even controlling. The good news is that this is completely solvable and you can transform this learn response. I can show you how.

Public speaking or performance fears are very common in all businesses as well as in stage performers where pressures are felt and the stakes are high. Performance enhancement can be applied to massively boost your confidence.

Stage Fright is easily treatable.

All the sessions are tailored to you. You are unique and your desired result is specific. Let me help you get there sooner using rapid acting techniques. Hypnosis, NLP and Havening are amazing methods I use to combine with my clients success in mind.

Become my client to improve confidence and technique.

  1. Remove fears and phobias (often in as little as one session*).
  2. Learn how to get into the best possible State for Performance
  3. Learn ways to speak effectively and with impact.
  4. Learn how to connect with the audience & enjoy the experience.
  5. Remove negative self beliefs that could be hindering your success.
  6. Learn ways to maximise your own potential and structure presentations.
  7. Learn the three golden spaces for obtaining and sustaining stage presence!

Diane Beck trained at RADA and has 20+ years performance experience. A Public Speaker, therapist and coach that can coach you personally.

Royal Albert Hall Public Speaker Diane Beck

I am a Coach and Therapist also with Trainer and Professional Speaker experience.

Diane Beck Professional Public Speaker

I’ve spoken in world class venues such as the Royal Albert Hall for the BITC Awards.

Combining Hypnosis & NLP, with my unique experience as a trained Actress and Speaker, book a FREE consultation and we can start working on this today.

How does Coaching work?

I want to learn more about You. I will ask you lots of important questions and then work with you to make positive changes. How you are currently experiencing the issue and problem tells me how I can help you get to where you want to be as a speaker, performer or trainer.  We will set your goals and I will coach you and guide you to where you want to be.

I will coach you through every step of the way.

What Happens Next?

I encourage you to fill in the FREE Consultation and share 30 minutes chatting with me.I will also send you over some important pre session questions so I can study more about what is occurring.

My aim is for you to have fun, be comfortable and enjoy the work whilst achieving your speaking and performing goals such as removing unwanted emotions and learnt behaviours!

With a 3yr training at RADA and years in the profession and with over 7 years experience as a therapist and 20 as an actress, speaker and performer. I combined the skills to truly help those with stage fright or performance issues to maximise success.

I combine my industry insider knowledge and skill set honed over working in the industry and I combine my knowledge with HypnosisNLP and neuroscience based techniques like Havening to help you perform at your absolute best!

The Methods I use are Unique. I designed them for Actors.

If you are an actor or performer I have a new approach that can massively help you with new character work and much more.

For all of you wanting to understand exactly how your performances can be enhanced without leaving it to chance, I have designed new methods that help maximise that. It’s your talent and it’s unique. Maximise it!

Through my private one-to-one work with actors as a coach and therapist a lot of these techniques were born out of questions and discoveries to see how far we could go and what we can achieve. The list is growing all the time and that excites me. I have developed methods that  you can now use to step into the character fully (without holding back in any way) and also retain a healthy emotional separation from the characters emotions you are portraying. I also appreciate the different schools of thought on this. My experience of woking this way and seeing it with clients and thier feedback is encouraging. You can achieve mesmerising results and stay mentally and emotionally safe. There is a technique! It’s a new approach and you won’t find it anywhere else. One such technique enables the actor to leave the character can be left anywhere the actor wants and we can even set it to the moment they step off stage or into the dressing room.

*There are no guarantees. Be wary of any therapist does guarantee as that is unethical! Everyone is unique and different and all change requires your consent. However, from new discoveries and new applications in neuroscience and evidence from Hypnosis trials there is a strong chance of success and I urge you to contact me today to find out more.*

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