Change and empowerment with NLp and Hypnosis. Coaching can mean change is possible and positive.

Change is natural,  though it’s often associated with pain and uprooting from where you’ve planted yourself mentally and even in the physical. What if the change was in fact the best thing for you and with it came an abundance of pleasure and happiness?

David Bowie was quoted as saying that when he was on the edges of his comfort zone and could only just ‘feel his feet’ he knew he was in the right place to create something interesting.  A case of ‘better the devil you know’ or ‘Change can give you wings and set you free’. It’s for you to decide.

Of course if you’re happy and your world and life in all areas is exactly how you want it – then hey, stay as you are. I don’t know anyone for which that statement is true. I know that there is always something you can improve upon.

Here are 6 reasons why Doing something differently and experiencing the NEW can be the door to the future of your dreams.

  1. It Gives You Options. You’ve been there, you are stcuk but just don’t know what to do. What you are doing isn’t working for you. Do ANYTHING ELSE. Often making a small alteration in a that keeps you in a ‘stuck’ state will loosen it up and open up new options so do Anything Else!
  2. You’ll Learn Something New. Change means different. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose the wisdom of the former. With experience comes wisdom so choosing something new will create new neural pathways and begin to forge a new path for yourself. At the very least, changing creates more options and I’d rather have options than no none. Turn to face the posibilities and dip your toe in, stretch and grow into the new you!
  3. It Means You Can Move Forward. If you aren’t doing something new then you probably are not progressing or moving forward with your life. It’s your choice. You can stay the same way and be left behind or put one foot in front of the other and take what comes, and with it learn. With that movement comes new learning and with that learning you have the opportunity for growth, expansion, increase and surely in life that’s positive?
  4. It Doesn’t Have To Be Scary. In fact different means more. It could set you free! Look at it this way. Think about the map in the long term. The whole picture not the immediate future. Looking at it all side on, then seeing the breadth of over time what these roads of either  ‘No change’ will offer to you or ‘Choice and New Paths’ can provide for you. Seeing for the first time the possibilities that each road offers (or lack of) will open up wisdom before you are past the point of no return. Maybe it could also be a healing and even life changing. I’ve learn the most from some of the worst decisions I thought I made at the time for them only to in hindsight have gifted (or blasted their way) towards a new path of glory. If you were to use your imagination to see a pair of imaginary scales and place on the scales the gains over the widest longest term with each option. on one side ‘what you will gain from the change’ and on the other side the ‘pain of staying the same over the longest term’ see which tips the scales in your favour? Suddenly the short term discomfort of a new thing can gift to you so much more. If you’re anything like me I know which option I would take were it offered to me.
  5. With Change Leadership. When you change you also inspire and encourage others to. Those with children know that they copy and emulate the aspects of you that they admire. Those in management can lead by the subtlest of examples by self development and the honesty that comes with that. When people notice something new about you, they are also at effect of your differences and are then in a position to respond to you differently. Another interesting reason that proves why making positive internal mental changes is empowering to you in so many ways both internally and externally. People must respond to what they are presented with and when you change – they must also alter how they are with you.
  6. Get there on your own terms! Change is Empowering! Making choices means you are leading on your own terms rather than eventually having to deal the cards on the terms of others. Don’t have ‘your best hand’ forced. If you begin forging your own path you are causing your future to happen on your own terms rather than following other people’s lead. Be the Cause and not at Effect of events and suddenly you will feel Empowered.. Be the change you want to see in the world and inspire by example. With that comes natural leadership, freedom of choice and guess what? You are putting yourself in Charge, at  ‘Cause’ and are the architect of your own future!

My name is Diane Beck and I’m an NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist. I coach people through changes and towards goals and desired outcomes.