Stop Smoking Therapy

Here are my 13 Best Reasons every smoker should read if they want the nudge to quit for good. As a Hypnotist I work with smokers for Smoking Cessation on a weekly basis. Read on, do what’s right for you right now and make today the day you turn and face the future as a non-smoker.

1. Smoking is connected to Cancer and long-term (chronic) respiratory disease. It’s also linked to stroke and heart disease. Quite probably, you already know all of the that which means you already know you are choosing to provoke your own ill-health. You aren’t a puppet. No one controls your arms but you! What you put in your mouth is your business and it is your choice! (By the way that also goes for cakes and junk food though that’s a different blog!) What drives you to do it however, is very specific to you and can be an old reason that for you no longer works for you. I take time to learn exactly why my clients do what they do so they become conscious of it. From that knowledge the client has the power to change it dramatically. You must have over-ridden a very serious retraction from the inhalation of cigarette smoke to become a smoker. Smoking takes practice and hard work. Think – what did it ever give you? Was it all worth it? The real health issues are important, are accepted and to be faced directly above all else. Now, read on. Things do improve for you because you have a choice and the more you learn the easier the choice to stop for good becomes. Knowledge is power, as they say!

The deadly weed as it’s known…is also said to be the main culprit responsible for developing very nasty cancers and other illnesses such as those commonly known of listed below

They include lung cancer, bladder, kidney, cancers of the pharynx and larynx (throat cancer), oesophagus cancer, cancer of the pancreas, some types of Leukaemia, cancer of the nose and sinuses, cervical, bowel, ovarian. In some cases it increases the risk of breast cancers in women. Over 100,000 in the UK die because of smoking each year.

2. Carbon Monoxide – You are poisoning yourself with every cigarette!

Why is it so bad and so deadly? Well apart from the numerous carcinogenic chemicals used to help the tobacco burn easily, it contains Carbon Monoxide, which has no smell or taste and is indeed a poisonous gas. If you are currently a smoker that eats organic or healthy foods, that goes to the gym and otherwise ‘looks after their health’ then you are neutralising the goodness with this poison. The body can’t differentiate carbon monoxide from oxygen. Because of this lack of recognition, the body will absorb carbon monoxide into the bloodstream. Too much carbon monoxide and you go into a coma. It can also cause dizziness (that light headed feeling you get when you take in a big drag, hmmm) it also causes fatigue and weakness.

Please note that if you are pregnant and you continue to smoke, the carbon monoxide poison is going into your bloodstream and will also enter the baby’s blood stream through the placenta and you are in effect poisoning your unborn child with deadly gas and other chemicals.

3. Nicotine the drug. The only addictive quality in a cigarette is nicotine. Although not carcinogenic, nicotine in substantial quantities can cause growth retardation, depression of the CNS (the Central Nervous System), vomiting and seizures.

Nicotine is the addictive aspect of a cigarette, without which there wouldn’t be a tobacco industry. It hits the brain in around 15 seconds. This is however a very easy drug to rid of the system. Nicotine is also a stimulant, so if you think it calms you down ‘having a smoke’ – think again. It could in fact be the act of deep careful breathing that calms you and taking that moment for yourself that allows you to calm, rather than inhaling a stimulant drug. A stimulant that amplifies the effect of negative emotions like stress. However it does release dopamine. Like many other addictive chemicals, nicotine causes changes that encourage a sense of contentment and calm. Your body adapts to the nicotine quickly. That means you need more of it to get the same response. There are better ways to get dopamine and calm and I can show you very quick and easy ways as a Smoking Cessation Therapist that will give you healthier alternatives.

4. Its a habit not an addiction which is why you can wake up and know you’re suddenly  a non-smoker. Nicotine can leave your system in a matter of hours. You think you are addicted and start it all over again with every cigarette. This makes it easier for you quit! Which also makes it one of the most preventable causes of death in the world.

5. You smell bad and not just to non-smokers. Even smokers who are’t smoking often tell of the stale whiff that emanates from another smoker’s clothes and hair as being unappealing. You may not realise just how unappealing as your olfactory sense dulls with smoking. So, good luck if you’re looking for a new date especially if they are a non-smoker!

6. Your breath will smell. Apart from the risk of mouth and oesophagus cancer that smoking increases the tar and chemicals linger and stick to the skin, mouth, tongue and throat. It also sticks to the taste buds distorting your taste of foods.

7. Your teeth and fingers will discolour and yellow. The sticky tar from cigarettes that contains cancer causing chemicals also stains. Breathe a cigarette through a handkerchief and see the yellowing effect. Accumulated over 30 in one day this is what you are ingesting, inhaling and covers your teeth. Lovely

8. Your skin will age quicker than those of a non-smoker! Apparently 14 years more than that of a non-smoker so by  the time you are 70 years old, if you smoke 30 cigarettes a day. Mouth lines and crows-feet first! Lovely. Less nutrients and less oxygen in the blood means skin suffers.

9. You are willingly being ‘at effect’ of a decision you already know is bad for you, but you do it anyway. Think about what you are telling yourself subconsciously. That you are too weak to help yourself. This belief can seep into other areas of your life. An excuse that keeps you spending your money on a habit that fills the pockets of governments and those making money from marketing poisons known to cause cancer. If someone sold you all this before you took your first drag – from where you are right now, imagining you never smoked – would you?

10. You can easily go hours without one! You can sleep all night without one, you can go on a long haul flight, you could have a long operation without one. Your body isn’t physically addicted long term so yes, you can just decide to help yourself today!

You could invest in the help of a professional Hypnotherapist and Coach. A good hypnotherapist will show you ways you can continue to help yourself de-link from old triggers and truly never want another smoke ever again. You will have a life absent of smoking.

11. You could save ££££ Literally Thousands of pounds.

Look at the maths of a 20 a day habit for a moment:

  • £9.35 for an average packet of 20 Marlborough Lights for example.
  • £65.45 a week for a 20 a day habit!!!
  • £3403 per year.

How many years have you smoked. What would you / could you have done with that money and how long do you intend to smoke?

I’m the best smokers bank you have ever met. I ask £450 from you, and for that investment its the equivalent of me giving you in return £2983.40 per year and increasingly year on year for the rest of your life! In addition to which I give you a sexier smile, better breath without trying, make you smell better, a better body of health, lower your risk of cancers, increase your risk of attractiveness and make you more sociable naturally without trying. Is that a good deal?

£450 is My fee in London, £320 in Manchester, for my 2.5-3hr intensive Stop Smoking For Good Hypnosis Session. You’d save thousands on that investment. Measly by comparison of your gains isn’t it.

12. Incrementally your health improves with each hour that passes on giving up smoking.

  • 6hrs. Within and After 6 hrs: Blood pressure stabilises and your heart rate slows
  • 1 day. Within 1 day nearly all of the drug nicotine is out of your body (those of you going on long haul flights from the UK to Australia take note!). The Carbon Monoxide level drops from in your blood stream meaning more oxygen so better skin, cells get more oxygen, muscles, more nutrients…you get the idea. Your circulation improves.
  • 1 Week. Your lungs have begun to clean themselves and you may be coughing and releasing toxins, removing tar, mucus and carcinogens. This is a system in recovery and also means that higher levels of vitamin C and antioxidants are available to your system and organs. Your senses, gustatory and olfactory, begin to return to former levels meaning your taste buds improve. As does your sense of smell. You begin to smell what all the fuss was about, further enhancing your retraction from smoking smells and the dangerous chemicals. Its likely that your first inhalation caused you to naturally back away. This initial reaction was your subconscious mind’s way of telling you to leave it the hell alone! Now this is again healing and returning to healthy set levels.
  • 6 months. You have done well and are rewarded with less coughing and wheezing. Less stress and stimulant induced symptoms. You smell great! Your skin is getting much more oxygen so you are less ‘grey’ and you are getting more nutrients to the cells. Your immune system isn’t fighting the poisons so is more effective and you may find that you fight off colds much more effectively as well as other infections. Even your blood is less ‘sticky’. Smoking thickens the blood so your circulation indeed circulatory system has improved meaning warmer fingers, toes and extremities.
  • 1 Year has passed. You are celebrating your year anniversary of being a sexier human being. Well done. You are also breathing much easier.
  • 5 Years. You have decreased risks of heart attack and stroke which will also decrease over time. Women – The risk of cervical cancer has dropped to the same as someone who never smoked!!
  • 15 Years – Your risk of heart attack and of stroke is close to the percentage of someone who NEVER SMOKED! Your risk of cancers related to smoking has also dramatically decreased. Well done!

Obviously all this depends on how many cigarettes you smoked and is an average estimation based on research and figures from studies by the NHS and Heart Foundation..

13. One life. It’s yours to choose. If you keep smoking it will be your choice. Imagine you are at a crossroads at the tipping point of your cigarette where the next one will be the determining cigarette, the Tipping Point, that begins an onset of ill health. You are at a moment in time, at a place that affords you choice. Which road do you take? The left road ahead contains the years of smoking and the effects of that decision on you and those connected with you. The right road is that of a non smoker and the benefits that that road brings. It’s your choice.

If you want help with taking the right road Im right here. Call me on 0207 118 3738 or email me I help smokers stop for good in my clinic in Manchester centre and in London, Charterhouse Clinic in Marylebone and Holborn private therapy and coaching room. 

I’m Diane beck a Hypnotist and NLP Coach who specialises in helping clients stop smoking and other habits, limiting beliefs and conditions they no longer want.