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Welcome, you are probably here because like most people, you are experiencing something unwanted that you want to stop doing. Perhaps there is something you want to start doing more of that will help you get what you want in life? Would you like more confidence? Perhaps you want to eliminate panic attacks or anxiety? Maybe you want to maximise your potential, improve public speaking and give amazing presentations?

Using modern methods such as hypnosis and NLP we can get started today and make changes to the problems you are experiencing.

Over many years of private practice, my clients are CEOs, managers, business owners, barristers, busy mums, actors, comedians, entrepreneurs, the recently redundant, frustrated and anxious students, in fact, my clients come from all walks of life and experience.

What all of my clients have in common is the reason I help a huge range of people. You want to feel great and get results now. You want the solution to be lasting and empowering and that’s where I can really help you.

Diane Beck NLP Hypnotherapist
Diane Beck NLP Hypnotherapist
Diane Beck Hypnotherapist and Master Coach

I have many years experience, thousands of hours as a private hypnotherapist with flexibility of approach that enables us me to bespoke the therapy to you in a targeted and specific way.

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You can also select a time slot to suit you from my availability diary below where we can discuss your situation and solutions in detail.

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Hello, I’m Diane Beck. I’m highly trained to help you using methods that are at the solution end of the process.

A little bit more about why I can help you this quickly. In addition to being a Master Hypnotherapist, I am also an NLP Master Practitioner, an NLP Master Coach, a Havening Techniques Certified Practitioner, A certified Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner, a TFT Master Practitioner… and much more.This provides me with lots of flexibility around any problem you present in order to help you change it for the better.