NLP Hypnotherapy in Central London & Manchester City Centre

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No one wants stress or anxiety, negative emotions or all that goes with those such as addictions and panic (to name a few). There are mechanisms we can use to cope. Though wouldn’t it be more effective to remove the problem completely so you have more energy and positivity so you’re generally using your time more effectively to get more of what you want? Modern therapies are often very quick to help you!

We live in a busy world with far more stressors and aggressors than our ancestors. Think of social media and our attention span. Even over the last few years out attention span has reduced to less than that of a goldfish, apparently!

Like you, my clients are often very busy, working professionals with high demand of them yet lack of time to spare resolving it all and stress and negative emotions get in the way, build up and lead to unhealthy coping strategies.


As a therapist and a coach I can really help you positively change using modern rapid Hypnosis, NLP and new discoveries in neuroscience such as Havening Techniques, we can make changes that help you at a deep level whilst fitting into your schedule in as little as 1 session.


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Scheduling our time together ensures you get me, rather than an assistant or voicemail. It also shows you times when I am free to chat to you, rather than in client sessions. So please do have a look for a good time that suits you soon and we can chat more about You in that free consultation slot!

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