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Health-Success - Diane Beck NLP Hypnotherapist
Health-Success - Diane Beck NLP HypnotherapistDiane Beck NLP Hypnotherapist


Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective, natural and safest ways to make amazing life style changes.

However you are feeling now, it is possible to change this much quicker than you probably expect. You are a unique individual and your therapy and coaching must also be personalised to you for maximum effectiveness. As an experienced therapist I regularly help my clients resolve anxiety, panic attacks, public speaking & stage fright, phobias, insomnia, unwanted habits, emotional issues, trauma and similar unwanted issues unique to them that my approach enables me to do.

My clients regularly improve their relationships, career or their life in general for which self limiting thoughts, work related stress or anxiety for example may play a significant limitation. Remove this and align towards your positive goals again and you can begin living the life you deserve.

Imagine… tomorrow morning you wake without your old problem, what is the first thing you will notice? Feeling excited? Imagine how empowered you will feel on the other side of removing it!

My chosen approach includes modern methods that combine elegantly with Hypnotherapy such as NLP, Havening® and Thought Field Therapy (TFT). When these are powerfully combined, imagine how they may help you achieve the confidence and positivity that’s available to you. I’m passionate and driven to help you get there. Explore this site, fill in a contact request or give me a call and lets begin today!

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I specialise in issues that make living your day to day life and achieving your goals a challenge. By using rapid hypnosis with NLP, Though Field Therapy and Havening® Techniques, I create for you a targeted and effective approach for deep and fast change. Live the life you deserve to live, sooner!

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  • Anxiety* /  Panic /  Emotions / Insomnia
  • Weightloss  / Emotional Eating  / Gastric Band Hypnosis
  • Public Speaking  /  Stage Fright* / Confidence*
  • Smoking Cessation  /  Obsessions & Habits
  • Coaching   /  Career  / Life  /  Relationships

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