NLP Hypnotherapy in Central London & Manchester City Centre

Hi, Welcome to my website. 

If you are here, you are probably experiencing something you want to change effectively and quickly.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t have something they could improve and positively change for the better? Life is for living isn’t it. Sometimes though, we feel change it ourselves and working with a coach who is also a hypnotherapist such as myself can fast track your results. We can remove issues blocking you, unwanted feelings, change behaviours even align you towards motivation and goal achievement in life coaching. All of this can be achieved in the time frame that suits you.

You can do a few things here on the site. You can book a slot for a 30 minutes chat with me,  using the calendar below to get in touch with me. Or, you can learn more about how I can help you, watching videos and reading information on dedicated pages in the site.

I help people like you. Busy professionals and working people with family lives who don’t have the time to waste on weekly drip-feed sessions of chat that often aren’t really removing the problem itself.  You want your problem gone as soon as possible in a professional way.  So you feel more like the best version of you and living your life to the fullest. I was the same when I experienced my own problems many years ago. I tried many things to no avail until I experienced NLP Hypnosis. For myself, finding a hypnotherapist to help me, changed my life so quickly. I would like the same for you.

Hypnosis and modern therapies like Havening® and NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming are only three of the modern techniques I can use to help you. All combine successfully and allow for flexibility around your issue to help resolve it as fully and rapidly as possible.


If you are experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, confidence issues, or perhaps you want to stop smoking with hypnosis,  sleep better if you have insomnia or any variation that is your current unwanted problem. Then I can help you! I use NLP and Hypnotherapy with other proven techniques.

Lets talk or Skype to discuss what it is you would like to make positive changes to using the best, modern therapy and coaching methods in the industry.

With thousands of hours of one to one experience and multiple trainings and certifications over 7 years, I run a busy practice in Manchester and also in London. Lets chat and discuss how I can help you today.

0207 118 3738 OR Book a Free slot with me now. Free 30mins Consultation Chat Below (worth over £50 + get 3 FREE videos to reduce negative emotions quickly, when you book a chat with me in my calendar)

Scheduling our time together ensures you get me, rather than an assistant or voicemail. It also shows you times when I am free to chat to you, rather than in client sessions. So please do have a look for a good time that suits you soon and we can chat more about You in that free consultation slot!

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