Choosing a Life Coach for Self Improvement

A Life Coach or self-development coach can become an invaluable asset to your accountability to your own dreams and desires. Pushing you forward, motivating you and helping you understand areas you can improve to achieve more greatness, making positive changes in all areas of your life.
Diane Beck NLP Hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach provides in depth and balancing coaching for all life areas. As a Life Coach in Central London and Manchester and also over Skype, Diane works with you to steadily improve in Health, Work, Relationships, Self Development or any specific area of your choosing.
Often removing blocks and whats in your way of achieving goals is essential. For that, choosing a Life Coach who is also and trained NLP therapist can combine an immediate skill set to propel you forward towards achieving your desired outcomes in all areas. Diane is a registered hypnotherapist and multi-modality highly skilled therapist.

As an Advanced Master TFT Therapist and NLP Hypnotherapist I design bespoke achievement accelerators for all my clients in Central London or Central Manchester locations.

We will discuss all areas of your life and those you want to focus on specifically:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Business and Career
  • Spirituality
  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Family

The Life Coach Break-Through Session. A Break-Through can be a 6-8Hour Intensive session addresses major blocks or issues you want to eliminate as quickly as possible. Often involving very personalised targeting using all skill sets of hypnosis as well as coaching techniques to get you to where you want to be. You can expect to restore balance, eliminate may unwanted negative emotions and limiting beliefs . This can be a fantastic initial process from which to grow in a specific area removing limiting beliefs and resigning important deeply set issues using NLP and Hypnosis. The ultimate spring-clean!

  • We Eliminate Limiting Beliefs
  • We Design Your Goals together making sure they are S.M.A.R.T. and in alignment with you.
  • I use intensive faster therapeutic techniques we may eliminate fears and past traumas and anything that might be holding you back or getting in your way!
  • I use Time-Line Therapy with Hypnosis and techniques like Havening to Align past and future to heal past and enable goal belief and achievement in the unconscious mind.
  • You will receive Hypnosis and ‘Future Memory’ Energy before we then specifically place the goals in your future timeline!
  • You can expect to feel lighter, more positive, energised and happy with a clear vision of what you are going to achieve. You will have in mind the action steps towards your achievement and have clear strategy in place to help support the work we do in session with your unconscious mind.
  • This is a serious program and is my most intensive.
  • Regular Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly sessions are recommended (call for prices) as a continuing program of self-development.

Break-Through Sessions can enable enormous change. Maybe you want to make changes to your relationships, perhaps you are looking for your ideal partner. You might have career goals, financial or even a career change to follow what will truly make you happy. Your goals might be for your personal growth and development or for positive goals  that would directly affect your family.You might have Weight Loss goals and currently be struggling with motivation and commitment to your plan.

I work with you and concentrate on a change at a level that can massively improve your unconscious positivity in all areas of your life and that enables constructive change at a deep level from which to build the life of your dreams.Whatever you goals, at Health-Success, I use my Advanced skills in Hypnosis, Thought Field Therapy and NLP to apply specific applicable changes to help you achieve the goals you set.

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