Session Fees & Commonly Asked Questions

Session Fees London & Manchester

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Regular Session Fee

  • London Office: My Fee is £240 per 2hr session. The session is within and up to a 2-hour timeframe.
  • Manchester Office: My fee is £170 per 2hr session slot. As above the session is within and up to a 2hr timeframe.
  • Skype £150 per session slot

Smoking Cessation Fee

  • Smoking Cessation Intensive is my bespoke 3hr Session. Only for those serious about quitting for good! With pre-work ‘tasking’ involved for the client and myself. Flat rate £450 both Manchester and London.

Break-Through: Full Day Dedicated Therapy and Coaching Intensive

*Please note the Break-through session Full Day can also be split over two consecutive half days. Please enquire for more details. These sessions can prove life changing and will also require your full commitment. This complete full day allowance books me out for the day to work specifically on you and your problem to bring it to the earliest resolution.

  • ‘Break-Through’ Full Day working on you in central London (or split into 2 consecutive days 8-9hrs), Marylebone or Bloomsbury/Holborn. This focus is £1500 for the London office locations. Plus 1hr Skype session to follow up
  • Break Through Full day (or split over two consecutive days 8-9hrs) for Manchester office location is £1250. Plus 1hr Skype session to follow up
  • All Sessions: Other Venues Public and Private are pre-arranged at a fee in addition to the above location fees, are bespoke and may also include transport and accommodation fees for myself and an assistant and time travelling or if overseas, is negotiable and will be accounted for as session time pricing.

Please see below, commonly asked questions including prices and questions common for therapy, what I recommend therapy for and much more:

Please note: The Break-Through days are a serious commitment and a fantastic focus on you with me working on you very specifically towards your desired outcomes. For the Breakthrough days, pre-session questionnaire notes are taken and pre-session client- tasking work may be required to enable us to work together effectively and to help you towards achieving the result you desire. There are no guarantees though however and the best results are achieved when the client and therapist work as a team and that the client agrees to all pre taking and follows all instructions within the session.

The Break-Through is designed for making big changes in the least time. Often booked for ‘tough’ problem issues a client feels they want to change for good.  Also booked when a client has repeatedly failed to achieve the desired result with other therapists and are committing to make that change. Also this approach has been successful for clients experiencing addictions including substance abuse (where if necessary working alongside a care-worker or GP may also be necessary).  Also this has been highly effective for clients with a past history of numerous traumas and events that are affecting in the present, also good for any OCD issue, stubborn behavioural issues, health concerns, coaching overhaul and dedicated specific coaching design for the aforementioned, I recommend the Break-Through full day session.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Section D.

Common Questions 

What Happens When I Arrive For A Session

The treatment is possibly different to those depicted in TV shows or films. Hypnosis doesn’t require swinging watches or pendulums for efficacy. In fact, it is a way of enabling deep relaxation and a heightened state of your awareness. This opens up the possibility of you making positive changes in the subconscious. Often with my clients I don’t use hypnosis in the traditional sense, rather I use other skills and techniques that best fit because it’s always about you, what you are going to respond to best. Some techniques support issues better than others. My ability to be flexible with a variety of trainings enables me to offer this to my clients. I want the best results for you! My approach really is your solution-focussed.

Will I Feel Hypnotised?

The trance state is natural and relaxing and recognisable to you. It is about you learning to go into the relaxed and aware state and is commonly experienced by us all through the day – driving, watching a film, operating machinery, doing regular tasks – are usually done in a trance state and you will find it easy, relaxing and you are in control of it. No-one can ever put you into trance – you choose to go into that state, you are always in control and can get up and walk around, you will have your awarenesses and faculties and you have control over what you will say to me.

As for feeling hypnotised, I will guide you into this altered state with suggestions that you choose to imagine, experience and follow. You choose how relaxed and tranced you want to be. Every time is different and that will be different for everyone. You might be surprised at how easy and nice it is – as well as recognisable. You do enter this state regularly and as a hypnotherapist I can help you access it in a focused way. 

I Don’t Think I Can Be Hypnotised

It’s a myth that any hypnotist can ‘put you under’ in fact, you choose to be hypnotised. Your unconscious mind is very used to this altered trance state which it enters into many times throughout the day. It is a very natural, relaxing state to be in. Because you enter into this state all the time, you can choose just how relaxed and deep you wish to go. You will be in control at all times. So, yes, you can enter into a hypnotic state, I will guide you and if you can follow an instruction and wish to follow my instructions then yes, you will enter that hypnotic state successfully so change work can begin.

Can You Make Me Do Things I Don’t Want To, or Make Me Say Things I don’t Want To?

You will be in control and you can choose to say or do things you choose to. It’s an activity that works only on participants willing to do it – after all it is your unconscious mind. If you invite it to follow the instructions then it’s easy. So, in that respect you will be fully in control at all times. It is a myth that hypnotists have control over you. None ever does anything they wouldn’t choose to do. You will be sitting comfortable in a chair and I will be guiding your unconscious mind to a learning whereby positive change can take place. I will never suggest anything that would be inappropriate or that could be taken on that would compromise you in any way.

Where is the session held? 

Depending on where suits you, Sessions are held in London and Manchester. I also treat clients via Skype which is video face-to-face from the convenience of wherever you wish you be at the time of the session.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

None of these times can be guaranteed, it is only here as a guide!

For a phobia only one session is usually required although some people respond slightly differently to treatment and do require another session. Depending on history and without taking a full assessment this is always an estimate.

For Generalised Anxiety Disorder, after full note taking and depending on your history, usually clients expect to feel much better after 2 sessions and I usually advise no more than three sessions is required for anxiety. Sometimes clients feel resolved after a regular 2 hour session. It really does depend on how quickly your unconscious mind responds to these techniques. Everyone is different. You can appreciate that after often years of experiencing anxiety, 6 hours is an amazing recovery time.

For Most other issues – somewhere in between. For many issues or to refocus for life goal setting and release a lot of negative thoughts and behaviours I recommend a 6 Hr bespoke Client Break-Through session and then if a client requires a more specific treatment following that they book as and when it is required.

For Smoking Cessation usually only 1 session is all that is needed although very occasionally a client wants to book a second to ensure their success.

Why Should I Choose You For My Treatment

I am a highly qualified and highly skilled therapist, I have years of experience and a dynamic mixture of modern therapies that I draw from that include psychosensory therapies like Havening Technique ® based on recent findings in neuroscience, TFT or Thought Field Therapy – as electro chemical beings the tapping and stimulation of pressure points is a therapy application designed to eliminate the emotional and energetic perturbations along meridian lines within the body. I trained to Voice Technology skill level as a Master Practitioner, only a few in the industry can offer this. I use NLP with Hypnosis and these previously mentioned skills. NLP certified training as both a practitioner and a coach enables me to learn about You more specifically and the language you use subconsciously in relation to the problem and your desired outcome.

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