Break-Through All Day Intensive

Break-Through sessions are my intensive all-day option for those clients wanting to focus efforts on resolutions in the least time. They focus on root casue and the removal of the cause of your presenting problems. Using in depth discussion prior to and at the beginning of the session plus some tasking before the session for you to begin the process, we work together towards getting you the result.

Perfect for those with stubborn issues or those clients who want a direct method rather than a weekly drip-feed of attention. This is not counselling, psychotherapy or talking therapy. It is NLP Hypnosis and change work at it’s most intensive. Clients believing it takes longer or wanting a softer, longer approach please avoid, I have other approaches more suitable. This hits the nail on the head and intends to help you sort the issue out with my flexible army of skills, experience and no-nonsense application though it is going to be ultimately up to you to follow the instructions and finally let go of the problem. It’s all about the teamwork between therapist and client. If you can follow instructions, want to work in a fun and directly targeted way and also definitely want to get rid of your problem then this is for you!

The structured and private therapy experience is available in either central London WC1 or in the Manchester City Centre office.


What is a Break-Through Intensive?

Your issues that are holding you back are in focus – All Day with me. Using my skills in a focussed all day event on your positive intentions we work for your fastest resolution.

The aim of spending a full day on you is to concentrate time to an arc of improvement towards the result you want only much sooner. In most cases clients experience the definitive results they want fully within this time frame, in some cases you may require some more time due to your own requirements. Everyone is different and it’s important we discuss beforehand. This is a directed and targeted approach which is not soft and is certainly not traditional therapy. It is in this case, not for everyone – this is an intensive session using hypnotic language patterns, conversational change, NLP techniques, recent discoveries in neuroscience, values and belief work and much more. We often will use hypnosis and other approaches where the aim to to help you make the change you want to make in the least amount of time.

All day! There are breaks including a lunch break, its not a ‘walk in the park’ and will require a will do, can do, attitude. You may even enjoy it! Some clients love it and come back for more Future Goal-Setting using the same techniques! The clients that love it come in with energy and a will to change. I’ll match it!

A lot of feedback on these sessions are hugely positive and of course the results often speak for themselves. It is though up to you to get the result working with me as your ‘wing-woman’. I’ll give you 100% if you do. Want a full day Break-through session in London or Manchester? If so please email or call me to enquire more 0207 118 3738 or email me at

Success Launch

£1400*13 Weeks
  • 1hr Weekly Coaching Session
  • Skype and In Person
  • NLP Hypnosis and Coaching
  • Weekly Progression Towards Goal Achievement

Breakthrough Session Intensive

£1500*One Full 8hr Day
  • Most Popular for Fast Results
  • Targeted Bespoke Intensive
  • Timeline Therapy Exclusive* More Therapy than Coaching. Designed to eliminate deep issues responsible for blocks*
  • Most Advanced Combination of Therapy and Coaching I offer

Success Launch XL (Recommended)

£2500*26 Weeks
  • 1hr Weekly Coaching Session
  • Skype and In Person
  • NLP Hypnosis and Coaching
  • Weekly Progression Towards All Life Goals Achievement

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Intensive Session are good for the following check list below.  Please note the recent review of an all-day intensive from Google reviews on Google for business.

  • Coaching
  • The removal of negativity and negative self-beliefs that are limiting your progress in life
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Hurt
  • Guilt
  • Traumatic Memories
  • Specific health concern

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