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Anxiety and Panic Attack – Effective Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

If you are experiencing uncomfortable anxiety symptoms hypnosis for anxiety can work really well. It works by communicating with the part of you that is responsible for ‘running the problem’. Hypnosis can be very relaxing and you are always in control and very safe in capable hands. I am a registered hypnotherapist both CNHC and MNCH. I also combine Hypnosis therapy with Havening and NLP of which there is much more information on the site. I  will always use the skills I have to help you the most effectively and depending on you are the best way to help you. There is no one size fits all and this approach achieves the best results.

Most adults will suffer from from stress and nervousness some time in their lives. It is completely possible to change any behaviour. A learnt response such as panic attacks and free yourself of anxiety and worry. Anxiety hypnosis works at the level wherre your problem is being held, in your unconscious mind. Hypnosis accesses the part that is producing the symptom and in many ways that is why I recommend hypnotherapy for anxiety along with Havening and NLP

Anxiety is very common. You aren’t alone!

Every client expresses their own symptoms. Most adults experience anxiety symptoms and some develop long term psychological symptoms and conditions.  I very much work with you on reducing anxiety symptoms till you no longer notice them whilst also working on the reason you are giving yourself this ‘signal’. When that root cause is resolved the reason to do the signal, panic attack or anxiety will not be needed. It also avoids you creating new signals to a deeper problem.   

For generalised anxiety disorder and long term stress, anxiety hypnosis and therapy for anxiety specifically, has a high success rate. It targets the problem and the root cause. I have found that hypnosis is made even more successful when combined with other therapy techniques I mentioned above which is why I like to use them with you.

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Why Choose Diane for Anxiety Hypnosis?

I am a registered Hypnotherapist and highly trained Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as holding advanced Hypnosis Certification and many other trainings in hypnosis. I continue my studies and trainings to further deepen my knowledge. I am a Master Practitioner of NLP which is the highest level of NLP training you can achieve without becoming a trainer of the techniques. I am also a Havening Techniques certified Practitioner, a TFT Master Practitioner and I also possess other certifications. All of which amounts to hundreds of hours of study and one-to-one client work.

I have over 6 years experience and thousands of hours of intensive full time experience with clients in both Manchester and London clinics. As an experienced Hypnotherapist and therapist it gives me a lot of experience to draw from.  I am also trained in Havening Technique by the creator Dr Ronald Ruden. This technique specifically targets the coding of the amygdala from past events from which you may have learnt the signals and symptoms you are experiencing. I also specialise and target Anxiety based issues along with Stage Fright therapy for actors. So, I confidently believe you are in safe hands and my flexibility and extensive trainings really help achieve great results.

Learn Self Hypnosis & Havening

Going forward from the session you will also learn new ways to continue the calm feelings and the results and really learn new ways to relax. You can expect to feel much calmer during the session and following. Learning new self-help anxiety therapy skills can really provide you with self-empowerment and a tool you can use any time you require it. 

Free Initial Phone or Skype Consultation.

I offer you a Free Phone or Skype consultation worth over £50 and free relaxing hypnotherapy downloads as my gift to help you on your journey to success.

I encourage you to ask me lots of questions. I want you to feel calm about coming to see me and know that you are in safe and capable hands. I am very happy to answer any queries you may have. I have answered some of the more common ones on the Hypnosis page.

I will always give you my maximum effort and skill and have a high success rate. I cannot however, offer you a guarantee. It’s unethical and unrealistic for a therapist to offer you a guarantee. A skilled therapist can only ever offer you their optimum skill and care. Please be wary of those who do offer guarantees and my advice is to avoid them at all costs

Lets work together to help you achieve lasting change in the desired result, using the most efficient methods.

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Why Use Therapy and Hypnosis for Anxiety?

  • Hypnosis is has been measured scientifically to have an effect on the brain.
  • Hypnotherapy is very relaxing at a deep level, calming the nervous system making it an excellent therapy for anxiety.
  • It is a natural, safe state and is enjoyable. You will hear and be aware of what I say and can never be made to do anything you wouldn’t normally do.
  • You are used to trance, it is like being absorbed by a movie or hobby.
  • Hypnosis accesses the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is where emotions and problem responses are stored.
  • Unlike sleep, hypnosis and trance feels like a relaxed and focussed awareness helping you become aware of the positive changes as they occur.
  • Hypnosis has been used for centuries and has even been used in surgery for anaesthesia and is often used for effective pain relief.
  • The Brain has plasticity – meaning we can learn throughout our lives. The mind loves to learn new things and hypnotherapy accesses an excellent learning state!
About Anxiety Therapist Diane Beck

Therapy for Anxiety – What happens in a Session?

Effective therapy takes many forms and I have discovered a supportive combination of techniques. On feedback from my sessions, this combination is producing over a 90% success rate. This is much higher than CBT therapy or Hypnosis alone.

Initially and importantly to help you feel comfortable with me and the methods I use, we will chat. You can ask any questions you may have about the process and how I can help you. We will discuss the symptoms you are experiencing and I will make some notes before the session.  I will ask you when the symptoms started and similar questions to learn what you notice, what has to happen for the problem to begin and I will learn how you specifically ‘do’ the problem – from thoughts you have, things that you say to yourself, images you might see, physical symptoms you might feel and their order till I learn as much as I can about the way it is affecting you. Many people experience very specific symptoms and no two people do anxiety in the same way.

During the session I can use what we have discussed and will probably use hypnosis  along with NLP and Havening technique.  Havening is a technique that involves the healing power of touch to produce chemical changes that promote wellbeing and help treat nervousness, stress, anxiousness and trauma. I can teach you Havening technique to then use in your own time and other methods of calming the nervous system.

Understanding Where the Problem is Held – The Unconscious Mind

We all have an unconscious mind and and conscious mind that are unique to us. You’re unique. We all are. The conscious mind is a judger, a thinker and can suspend between 5 and 9 pieces of information at any one moment in time. Whereas the unconscious can store millions of bits of information. It is said that 12 million bits of information are available to our nervous system every second! That’s  lot to sift through. Our unconscious  mind that stores all our memories, emotions and strategies.

If you drive a car, can you remember your first driving lesson? If you were anything like me, it wasn’t a successful driving experience! I suddenly saw three pedals, a gear stick that made little sense, more mirrors that I thought I needed and was required to look behind me whilst driving ahead. Slowly over the course of a few lessons I began to learn till I was talking to the instructor and managing all the driving manoeuvres. My unconscious mind had learnt the process and stored the strategies so my conscious mind could think and direct and now I drive on ‘auto-pilot’.

Our conscious minds are like the captain of a ship. The captain with a torch that can shine it on averaging  7 things at any one moment in time. The captain of the ship is the goal setter, seeing where to go and looking ahead. The unconscious mind is like the crew of a ship. The crew hold all the strategies, all the maps, all the history of travel and know how to work the ship. The captain wants to charge straight ahead to a destination but notices a large mirage that looks like an island in the way which brings the ship to a halt. The crew don’t have a map around the island. My job is to help the crew and the captain to find ways to create a new map to get you to where you want to get to. In fact, the island is a mirage and may not really exist and the captain and crew may need to learn new ways to see through it for what it really is. 

My methods focus us on getting you to where you want to be as effectively as possible and supporting you through that change.  Panic attacks are awful and 1 in 3 adults will be affected by them in their life time, they can begin to affect lives negatively  in many ways. The good news is that they are a learnt response and are very treatable.  

Issues with roots in anxiety that can be helped with NLP Hypnosis:

  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Trichotillomania (hair pulling)
  • Panic Attacks
  • OCD
  • Social Anxiety
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
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Therapy for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Why combining Hypnosis with Havening* works so well for Anxiety

Calm Your Fight and Flight Response!

Havening Techniques ® quickly calms the mind and body. New discoveries in neuroscience in the last few years have meant big changes to how we can deal with daily stress and also long held upset and trauma that can result in uncomfortable emotions and scary symptoms.

As a therapist in combination with hypnosis and NLP, it is excellent, powerful and a gentle new psychosensory application that is also known as an amygdala depotentiation technique to calm, de-stress and ‘re-code’ old experiences that contain unresolved negative triggers and emotions. Havening calms the nervous system and allows the mind to learn and create new escapability making way for chemical changes to occur.

To create a traumatic stored response the following are present.

  1. Event – An significant event. There must be an event that was the trigger event. In this event the sensory content is taken into account very quickly.
  2. Meaning – There is significant meaning to the person. The event is meaningful. This can be for survival, acceptance or similar in a deep way in the unconscious mind.
  3. Landscape – Think of our minds having a landscape where every high level of stress creates a peak. Prolonged cortisol and stress hormones make changes to the brain and potentiate the amygdala for change. Conversely – using gentle therapy treatments like Havening Technique, the strong theory is that we can make positive changes. Research is indicating a positive improvement in the brain following application of these techniques with bio-balancing effects. Practicing new serotonin-boosting habits (serotonin is a feel good chemical we produce naturally) can effectively ‘re-lanscape’ these peaks of stress. This makes us resilient to stressors in the future. Those with more resilient landscapes experience less stress and have better coping mechanisms.
  4. Inescapability – To encode in the brain a trauma, the mind perceives an element of inescapability. The ‘I cannot escape this’ element can be an event happening over a prolonged period of time such as a long term illness in the family, or sudden inescapability such as feeling trapped. The element of not being able to escape the situation is part of what makes Havening technique successful as it creates feelings of supported safety and new escapability from the old way of perceiving the problem that results in positive brain chemistry changes. 

Havening was created by Ronald Ruden MD, a Harvard trained doctor with a practice in New York. Ronald Ruden has a background in neuroscience and a PhD in neuropharmacology. Author of ‘The Craving Brain’ and ‘When The Past Is Always Present’, where he introduced the new Havening therapy. I trained Ronald Rudin MD and his brother Steven Rudin DDS, with Paul McKenna at the London meet in 2014. I am also qualified in the therapy as well as attending a training. Always check your therapist is listed as a qualified Havening Techniques Trained Therapist via the site here: www.havening.org

Havening and neuroscience can calm the mind and ease anxiety and panic quickly

Boost Feel Good Chemicals

As a therapist in combination with hypnosis and NLP, it is excellent, powerful and a gentle new psychosensory application that is also known as an amygdala depotentiation technique to calm, de-stress and ‘re-code’ old experiences that contain unresolved negative triggers and emotions. Havening calms the nervous system and allows the mind to learn and create new escapability making way for chemical changes to occur.

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