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Diane Beck CNHC MNCH – More about me.

Diane Beck CNHC MNCH – More about me.

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Marylebone W1U or Manchester

Marylebone W1U or Manchester

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NLP Hypnotherapist London & Manchester.

Diane Beck Clinical Hypnotherapy Central London and Manchester.

Diane Beck is CNHC MNCH Registered Hypnotherapist &  NLP Coach who uses techniques that empower clients to return to their lives and achieve desired outcome as swiftly as possible.

As an alternative therapist and is a certified NLP Hypnotherapist & Coach, Havening Techniques® Practitioner and TFT Master Practitioner. Diane regularly works with clients on difficult issues as well as commonly experienced problems in fewer sessions than the client often anticipates by using the robust, faster acting, effective technique combinations that are made bespoke to the client. You’re unique and your treatment must be unique to you!

Often my clients experience issues like  Anxiety, Phobias, Trauma, Stage Fright and Confidence issues as well as Addiction therapeutic applications such as Stop Smoking sessions and Smoking Cessation, Emotional Eating which includes Weight-Loss applications. with care and attention to the uniqueness of you. New therapies that treat quickly such as Havening, NLP-Hypnosis and TFT are offered and personalised to you.

Clients receive a FREE 30 minute telephone or Skype consultation. Regular Therapy sessions are around 2 hours in length. Personal Break-Though Sessions range between 6hrs to Full Day dedicated and designed treatment packages. Regular Coaching Packages are also created for clients.

As a Confidence and Public Speaking Specialist with a focus on swift results and focussed  treatment, Diane Beck offers over 20 years experience as a professional actress combining to this her accredited therapeutic skills that are developed continuously to enable Speakers, Actors, Those in Public Eye and Anyone wishing to make an impact and deliver to an audience. This unique knowledge base is advantageous for Health-Success clients who want serious, robust confidence-boosting therapy for public speaking and anxiety.

Clinical Hypnosis and NLP in Manchester and NLP Hypnosis in London is gaining in popularity. Discerning clients require significant results and lasting change in the least time. When combined with new treatments the desired effects have been known to be felt deeply, induced quick changes and results swiftly accomplished. How might it be for you?