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Make the lasting positive changes with modern therapy and coaching. With Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching you can live the life you want sooner!

Hello, I’m Diane Beck, Therapist and Coach. If you are interested in becoming the best version of You, then welcome to Health-Success, I can show you how! True happiness and peace comes from within and that’s where we work to make positive changes. My focus is on you, the client, your personal improvement and development towards achieving your desired outcomes in mind and wellness. I have years of experience and am registered with CNHC, the government recognised hypnotherapy council.

Positive lasting change is possible, Today! There is no longer a reason to wait, you can have these changes today. Hypnotherapy is a gentle and effective method of improving naturally and quickly with the right approach. We can use hypnosis in a modern way now, to efficiently uncover the brighter more positive You. Therapy has improved so rapidly over the years and I can confidently assure you there is always a way you can achieve the change you want with ease.

What makes my approach very different? What makes me and my approach different is actually what achieves the client successes. If you were to swap a negative belief for a positive one think of the resulting effects on you and your life. Lasting change to old negative thoughts and beliefs will naturally improve uncomfortable symptoms because they are then no longer needed! Its possible to make these wonderful changes in as little as one session.  I can explain more about my techniques and methods in your FREE phone or Skype consultation where I get to learn about you and your problem in depth.

As founder of Health-Success, I believe mind and body wellness comes from what you believe about yourself and the world around you. You are truly unique! Your dedicated coaching and therapy must be unique to you in order to get the best results. I want to learn about your problem from your perspective. I want to learn exactly what it is that You want so that I can help you in the most effective way.  I encourage you to call today and discover more. Please visit the dedicated pages from the menu about common issues if you would like to learn more about my flexible and targeted approach and how I see you improving through ‘Hypnosis’ and ‘NLP’.

Coaching Forward into a brighter, happier future! Improving in all areas of your life if you choose to. From family, health and wellness, personal development, career and relationships. Life and Career coaching is an exciting dedicated program towards your many successes. The secret is to know how to get what you want and I can show you how!

Are you seeking positive changes? Do you need help to get you to where you want to be? Hello, I’m Diane Beck, a hypnotherapist and an NLP coach who is dedicated to helping you achieve the desired outcomes of your dreams. That could be eliminating limits of your mind in the form of a phobia or fear or past memories. Perhaps that could be an unwanted habit, addiction or a memory of a trauma that you’d like to resolve for good.

About Me

“Diane Beck is an amazing therapist. I was sceptical that my problems could be dealt with so quickly. I’ve tried many therapists over several years, and all have been little better than useless. Diane’s techniques are truly revolutionary. And they take effect almost immediately” – Stephen, London. Client ‘Google’ Review.
“Hello Diane, I can honestly say your treatment has altered my life, after 25 years of trying various techniques to overcome the battle going on within myself, to diet or not to diet, I no longer even think about it I can just eat sensibly and am enjoying my food without recrimination. Many thanks” – Elaine M. Emailed Testimonial used with permission.
“It’s been a month since I saw Diane, and I almost don’t recognise myself, but in a very good way…what has actually happened is just incredible and so unexpected…I’m losing weight too, and hardly even trying…This feels different though, this is about making permanent changes. ” Peter, London. Google Review.
“I feel it has had an amazing effect on my life and career. I am an actor and was initially looking for help in overcoming anxiety in auditions…what Diane has given me already is so much more – her work with me has changed my whole life for the better. I can’t wait to get going with some more” Matthew, Manchester. Google Review.
“As a young woman who has battled with low self-esteem and self-belief for many years, I was beginning to accept that these were traits of mine that I would have to live with forever. But working with Diane has completely changed that belief system and given me a whole new outlook on life.” Rebecca, Manchester. Google Review.

Diane offers a FREE 20 minute Phone or Skype consultation to you.
Please also download the Free Hypnosis MP3s to begin experiencing free relaxation techniques and positive journeys into letting go of tension and feelings of anxiety.

*Testimonial Diclaimer-results may vary from client to client. These comments do not necessarily reflect the result you will get. 

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