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Diane Beck Hypnotherapist & NLP Coach

Diane Beck Hypnotherapist & NLP Coach

I am passionate about my job helping people like you with my multi-modality, solution-focussed approach.

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Bridge Street Therapy, Health-Success

NLP Hypnosis, TFT, Havening* Techniques therapy locations in Manchester, London & Skype.

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NLP Hypnotherapy Manchester and London.

Hypnotherapist in Central Manchester and Central London.

Diane Beck is a CNHC MNCH Registered Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner & Coach.  Diane uses cutting edge therapy techniques that are targeted to empower her clients to return to their lives sooner, even achieving desired outcomes swiftly and as effectively as possible. Using advances in our understanding of neuroscience and therapy,  making positive changes to problems can be quicker and easier than ever before.

Welcome to the Home page of Health-Success. I invite you to enter the site and to read more about hypnotherapy and the therapies I offer and how I can help you specifically. You’re unique and your treatment must be unique to you! My multi-modality methods allow me to provide flexibility towards each client and their ‘uniqueness’. Targeted Hypnosis and NLP in Central Manchester Central London is gaining in popularity. With added focus on recent discoveries in Neurosceince using Havening Techniques ®, Diane offers a range of therapy techniques that combine to help you achieve more. A sensible and structured way to look after your wellbeing and emotional states, achieve goals and eliminate limiting beliefs or fears. Discerning clients require significant results and lasting change in the least time. When combined with new treatments the desired effects have been known to be felt deeply, induced quick changes and results swiftly accomplished. How might it be for you?

A specialist therapist for Anxiety, Weight Loss, Insomnia, Confidence, Smoking Cessation and Phobias.

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