NLP Hypnotherapy in Central London & Manchester City Centre

Would you like to make lasting and positive changes with modern therapy and coaching? Would you like to achieve more confidence, less anxiety and stress and learn new ways to get more of what you want in life? With Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching you can begin living the life you want, in the way that you want, today!

If you are visiting this site you are probably interested in booking a Free consultation for coaching or therapy. My name is Diane Beck and I want to help guide you from your problem out towards the solutions is as little time as possible and with the best result possible. 

Hypnotherapy is proven to be an effective therapy for positive change. My clients, just like you, want to live the best life possible and look to solutions that work on the part of them that is running strategies, behaviours, responses and also – problems. This conflict between what’s going on underneath, to what you actually want, is where I can help you, so that you improve rapidly and achieve peak form, as soon as possible. I’ve have developed a personal, flexible and targeted approach of NLP Hypnosis and neuroscience such as Havening Techniques, to help You positively change and improve quickly.

I can confidently assure you there is always a way you can achieve positive changes.  Lets chat about you and discuss how we can work together to get you what you want. Please contact me today using the calendar below, or number below, to learn how I will work to help you achieve this.

My name is Diane Beck and I am a registered Hypnotherapist, Havening Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner & Coach.  I have many years experience in therapy however I particularly specialise in Confidence and Anxiety, Stage Fright, Actor & Performer Resilience and all things ‘Public Speaking’. If you are looking for help relieving negative emotions, wanting a life breakthrough, weight-loss hypnosis, smoking cessation and much more book a free consultation and lets chat. With years of expertise and experience helping clients like you to make lasting changes in their lives and careers I am looking forward to meeting you.

Call: 0207 118 3738 or Schedule Your Free 30mins Consultation Chat Below (worth over £50 + get a FREE relaxing download when you use the Calendar below)

Scheduling our time together ensures you get me, rather than an assistant or voicemail. It also shows you times when I am free to chat to you, rather than in client sessions. So please do have a look for a good time that suits you soon and we can chat more about You in that free consultation slot!

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